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Where to Go to Surabaya During Summer Vacation: 10 Best Attractions

by Yoga Adi

After briefly explaining about all good things in Bandung city in is Bandung worth visiting, now we will go to the city located on the East side of it, the center of East Java province called Surabaya. The city is the most active city in the province, and becoming a central for basically everything such as electronic companies, business centers, and many more.

Because of the good things that exist in the city and also how easy to reach Surabaya from basically everywhere, people are interested to go to this city that known for its iconic Shark & Crocodile logo. They are not only from Indonesia, but also from other countries as well like America, Singapore, and many more. Usually, the tourists will come during a fitting moment, the Summer vacation. It’s a long and surely an enjoyable vacation. And you should spend it well by visiting all the great attractions in Surabaya that put within this article of  “where to go to Surabaya during Summer vacation”.

1 – Bamboo Forest

Where to Go to Surabaya During Summer Vacation: 10 Best Attractions

One of the most interesting thing in this article of where to go to Surabaya during Summer vacation is the Bamboo Forest. In Surabaya, you can find one in the area of Keputih. This place once an area full of trash. The conversion then did later and changed the area into a tourist spot with a lot of vegetations including the Bamboo.  Usually, people are coming to this location for photo hunting. The bamboo forest that looks so green like this is not a usual thing you can find, especially in Surabaya.

2 – Kenpark

Where to Go to Surabaya During Summer Vacation: 10 Best Attractions

Besides all the beautiful locations in the things to do near Surabaya Airport, there’s a beach in Surabaya called Kenjeran. The beach itself was a top tourism attraction in the city. But time passes, and all left behind are the trash and the dirty location. That’s why the beach is less enjoyable now. But, there’s also a location located nearby called Kenpark, which is an acronym from Kenjeran Park. The park consists of beautiful structures as well as the iconic Sanggar Agung Temple and also the replica of Tempe of Heaven. This place opens for everyone who wants to exercise or just enjoy the scenery.

3 – Kebun Bibit

Where to Go to Surabaya During Summer Vacation: 10 Best Attractions

Even in a city like Surabaya where you can enjoy a lot of things like waterfalls in Surabaya, you can always find one or two natural locations. One of them is a wide park called Kebun Pipit. Here’s a truly refreshing location. Such a green area filled with a lot of interesting things like the natural lake, and also the animals live within, like the deers for example. You can always feed them with appropiate diet if you feel like it.

4 – Food Junction Pakuwon

Where to Go to Surabaya During Summer Vacation: 10 Best Attractions

Everyone surely loves it. In Surabaya, the best place to be when you’re interested to try the culinary is in the Food Junction Pakuwon. The place built recently on 22 January 2016, and it already attracts more and more people every day. With the built lake in the middle, the location is more enjoyable, especially with the additional ride that shines during the night. It also functions as a gathering spot for people in Surabaya. No wonder it’s always crowded every day.

5 – Surabaya City Hall

Where to Go to Surabaya During Summer Vacation: 10 Best Attractions

For you who don’t know where to go when visiting the Surabaya city, you can always go to the City Hall. A bit different from the other cities, the City Hill is open for public. Usually, people are coming in order to take some picture with the antique and elegant structure, especially when they’re decorated with some paintings. You can also find some Surabaya souvenirs that displayed inside.

6 – Surabaya Carnival

A place that always seems so exciting other than crazy things t do in Surabaya is the one and only Surabaya Carnival. The location shining all the night, offering so many kinds of ride that the visitors can always try. This mini version located a bit far from the city center. In fact, on the border between the city of Surabaya and the one located nearby, Sidoarjo. To enter the location of Surabaya Carnival, you need to pay about ten thousand rupiahs. But, you need to pay an additional 15 thousand rupiahs if you want to hop on the ride as well.

7 – Tugu Pahlawan

Besides known as the city for the business center, historically Surabaya also valuable because of the story of Surabaya teenagers that fighting the colonials many years ago. To commemorate their blood and sweat for freedom, a monument was built with the name of Tugu Pahlawan. This is surely one of the must-visit locations in where to go to Surabaya during Summer vacation, where you can see the proof of their struggles and actually pay some respect to them as well.

8 – Bungkul Park

One and the most favorite park in Surabaya is Taman Bungkul or Bungkul Park. Even though there are some notable parks as well surrounding the city, but this particular park is somehow more known than others. Usually, people are coming to the location in order to take a rest. Sitting down the bench while seeing the communities’ activities there. Some special events also held on this location as well.

9 – Ciputra Waterpark

Surabaya is known for its burning hot temperature. People who are not fit in yet will stay in their room all day while making sure that the AC is always on because of how hot it is outside. It’s unhealthy for sure. That’s why you need to go to somewhere fresher like the Ciputra Waterpark. This particular waterpark is always loved by the people of Surabaya. Having some rides that enjoyable and relaxable like the flowing river, slides, and many more.

10 – Submarine Museum

And the last place that also looks as good as the East Java Indonesia attractions is the Museum of Submarine. This is an actual submarine that also took a part in the Trikora Operation. After that heroic event, the submarine rested and became a museum that placed by the river. Inside, you can see full submarine things that are complete and also well maintained. A bit of information about the war and the submarine itself is also displayed. There’s also a short film that the visitors can see about the war in Aru Sea.

A Tourist’s Guide to Surabaya

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