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20 Most Beautiful Things to Do in Madiun Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Good night, travelers. First of all, welcome in this humble guide. In this time we’re gonna talk about more and more beautiful list of attractions, venues, and exclusive spots just for you. Be ready to take a look at this special list that you’ve never seen before. After visiting some exclusive areas in Indonesia, how about we take a journey at this city called Madiun in East Java. Well of course you’ve already vacationing in some other areas in East Java, finding things to do in Tuban, or maybe finding those things to do in Mojokerto, and the others. Also maybe you’re thinking that things to do in Pasuruan are way better than Madiun. But, that’s not correct. The Madiun city also has some specialities.

Guys, this town has several nicknames, which is also a good thing here. Call it, the city of Pecel, the Brem maker, and the Cokro Baker. All of those thing that we mentioned are foods by the way, there are stil many nicknames this city has. Well, you can check those nice dishes after you visiting the attractions first that included in the list of things to do in Madiun East Java.

1. Bening Widas Saradan Dam

Maybe in your mind right now, you’re imagining this boring dam with this water being contained and this stiff walls that you can see all across your face. We’re sorry, you’re wrong. This dam in Pajaran, Saradan is far away from the word “Boring”. In fact, this is the most epic one in Indonesia.

Why the place is very epic? Because the place has several things that might change your mind about it. The existence of the pine forest make this forest looks more fantastical, plus the tree in there near the water, is really perfect for a shot. This is really fantastic.

  • Opening Hours : Everyday from 7 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Around Rp10.000,-

2. Wilis Mountain

The next one is Willis mountain which is located in the same area, Banaran. Maybe the activities in here are almost the same as the things to do in Mount Bromo, but Willis mount has something else. Well, this is maybe a little creepy for you. Not a little, but very. So, for you who want to hike this mountain so bad, you must be prepare for anything that could be happen in your way. Better be ready with your religious equipment to if you want.

But, beside the horror story it has, the place also has this very special thing, the view. Actually you can see the mountain from different cities like Kediri or even Pasuruan. Yeah, onece you reach the peak, you can see all the cities too from above. That one is of course one remarkably experience you’ll get.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Rp10.000,- – Rp 15.000,-

3. Kendil Mountain

You see that picture there? That’s the one that took in the place of Kendil Mountain itself. Well, the panorama here is so fantastical. Even unreal really. So, here is the spot where the “sunset hunters’ gathering to watch the view for them self.

You can join them if you want, or capture the moment all by yourself. You can hop on to this kind of tree house, and join the people there. Also there you can see the sunset more clearly and beautifully. Now, keep quiet and press that capture button.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 15.000,-

4. Grape Forest

Located on Kresek village, Wungu. No, it’s not the forest that has many grape fruits. The name grape is not pronounced like grape, but more like Gra-pe. Learn the difference, okay? Well then, too bad you cant’t find any grape in the forest. Maybe there’s like the poisonous one, don’t even try to touch or swallow it into your greedy mouth.

Well, the forest is very great for outdoor activities, like camping for example. You can do many games in here with your own group. But be careful, don’t wander too far into the deepest depth of the forest. You can have fun here, but don’t ever forget your own safety.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 5.000,-

5. Kucur Waterfall

The next one is Kucur Waterfall which can be found on Pucang Sawit village, Dagangan. Kucur is the sound we Javanese people called when the water from above touch the down side. Kucur kucur kucuur, that’s how they sound. So did the waterfall, it has the kucur kucur sounds too, made from the water that touch the rocks.

So that’s it, the waterfall is the rocky one. You can find many of them on the spot, so be careful not to do something crazy in there. The stones might hurt you if you aren’t careful enough. Best to stay in the downstream and play some water in it. It could be fun

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

6. Banyulawe Dong Waterfall

After the Kucur waterfall, there’s another one called Banyulawe Dong. The Banyulawe might be the most green waterfall in East Java. Just look at the environment, they all covered in these green vegetation, making the waterfall looks more natural and very fresh.

Can be found in Kepel village, Kare. So this can be a great choice for taking holiday in java, especially in Madiun. You can go there by you alone, along with your biker friends, or maybe backpacker and adventurer friends. Gather all your friends in here and feel the refreshing waterfall together!

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 5.000,-

7. Slampir Waterfall

Even though the waterfall ain’t included in the Waterfalls in Indonesia, but the Slampir is also wonderful. After the two waterfalls above, one more waterfall you can go to this beautiful one too in the Seweru, Kare. Located near the coffee gardens. You can smell the coffee though, even a little. So, even though there are stones everywhere, don’t even worry about it. The stones are pretty small so you can walk on them safely without any trouble whatsoever. This calm waterfall is actually hidden beneath the split of giant rock that covered in moss.

Not giant rock actually, more like the thick soil that formed so many years ago, the soil is so firm and stiff, and also strong. So it will hold the waterfall for the time being. Anyway, you can see more people in there, taking selfies or enjoying water there. You can do that too by the way, if you really want to bath in there, be free to do it. But remember, there are lot of people.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

8. Kedungbrubus Dam

After the phenomenal dam we mentioned above, there’s Kedungbrubus dam that stands on the lake in Dawuhan, Pliangkenceng. Like the dam above, all the thing you can do is watching the satisfying and spectacular view of the sunset. It looks so magical from the dam, especially when it’s hitting its own reflection on the water. That might be a very great picture to capture. Then beside the sunset, there’s something more to witness.

The view around is amazing. You know, the trees and the mountains will blow your mind. The hills in front of you. The bushes and the tress right beside you. And you can see the sun that set on the horizon. That is what we called a magical view. One way to obtain them is by visiting this dam. Interested?

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Free admission ticket

9. Nongko Ijo Kare Pine Forest

If Widas Saradan has its own forest, so do the Nongko Ijo Kare that has this dense and hipnotizing pine forest. The pine forest was already famous, thanks to the beautiful videos in YouTube or Instagram. You can look at them first if you want, or feeling the sensation directly by visiting it. Don’t worry, we got you. Remember this, the place located on Kare area, Madiun. All the people in there knew where Kare is, don’t be afraid to ask them.

They will gladly show you the way to the pine forest area. The forest looks magical up the front. You’ll get this feeling just like in the movies. Hobbits struggling on their way to the Mountain Doom, or Harry Potter and the gangs ran away from the bandits. Also if you remember all of your favorite scenes like those, you’ll automatically get the goosebumps. It’s a fact.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 7 am – 5 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp20.000,-

10. Kare Kandangan Camp Ground

Our last spot or venue here in the list ofthings to do in Madiun East Java is the Kare Kandangan. Try guess this, where is the Kare Kandangan CampGround located? Yep, in the Kare area of course. Many places on this list came from Kare area. So you can get them one by one in this small area.

Just likeb the Grape forest, you can camping in here. Or maybe having a picnic with family. That’ll be great. Many schools in Madiun also used this place for scouting activities. You can do it too of course, with you own family if you want.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 7 am – 7 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp20.000,-

Other Attractions in Madiun, East Java Indonesia

There are many places to go still, in Madiun you can find many interesting spots like :

  1. Kali Krangkeng, heavenly looking waterfall
  2. Suncity Themepark, lots of fun can be found in here
  3. Tirtonirmolo, what do you feel when a komodo watches you swimming?
  4. Kuno Taman Mosque, chilling in the mosque is the best thing
  5. Nglambangan Historical Site, be ready to jump into the past!
  6. Tri Darma Vihara, gorgeous looking vihara in Madiun
  7. Kresek Monument, the monument of togetherness

That’s it, the places have been mentioned, the sign for our list to finally reached its final. So that’s the town of Madiun, the town that many people talk about. So now you’ve already been equipped with our “map” to accompany your journey. Also, with the map of the list things to do in Madiun East Java, you will be ready. Don’t get lost out there, and stay happy!

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