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15 Perfect Things To Do in Tuk-Tuk Indonesia

by louisagabe

I guess every single place in Indonesia have their own uniqueness, including Things To Do in North Sumatra. Have you heard about Toba Lake? The most popular lake in North Sumatera been known by people almost in entire state in Indonesia, also for some tourist.

If you merely thought Bali, Yogyakarta, and the region in Java offers the most exotic and beautiful places, you got wrong. Beside Lake Toba Sumatra, I also wanna inform you about Tuk-Tuk, the area adjacent the lake itself located in North Sumatera. Here are things to do in Tuk-Tuk Indonesia you won’t miss!

1. Go To Ancient Batak Village

Ancient Batak Village can be found nearly village of Ambarita. The ancient village have stone chairs and head-chopping block.

In the past past years, stone chairs were using by tycoon as a sitting down place when they had meetings. If you curious the story about the village, go hire a tour guide to bring you up here.

  • Location: About three miles Northwest of Tuk-Tuk
  • Admission Fee: Around Rp 13,000 or $1

But then, this is one of amazing things to do in Tuk Tuk Indonesia that will enchant you!

2. Go To The Hot Springs

Hot springs can found easily in Pusuk Buhit. When you come over, it preferably called “very hot springs” or “scalding springs” cause the water itself insanely hot. You can’t even survive after plunge a moment inside the springs.

But hey, it doesn’t mean you need to give up before make a try! Even though the water is very hot, it’s good to pamper and relax a moment. You’ll feel kinda massaged when you drown yourself in the hot springs.

Location: Siogung-Ogung, Pangururan, Samosir Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia

3. Hike Pusuk Buhit Mountain

Pusuk Buhit known as a volcanic mountain, with its height in 1,972 meters above sea level. This mountain is a great spot to see the whole Samosir Island. From the peak of the mountain, you can easily find the exoticism of Samosir.

I absolutely recommend to go to reach the peak as a reason to make you gawking about the beautifulness. If you wanna stay here, make sure you prep all stuffs you need, including water and jacket cause the weather is so cold tho! You won’t get yourself freeze at night!

Location: Ginolat, Sianjur Mula-Mula, Samosir Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia

4. Relaxing in Pasir Putih Parbaba Beach

Most people might unaware that Samosir Island has a great beach with white sandy.

After exploring the island and the culinary for sure, now it’s time to relaxing and pampering in the coolest white sandy at Parbaba Beach.

Beside relaxing, you also allowed for swimming and renting a canoe to explore the beach. What a good idea to spend the rest day!

Location: Situngkir, Pangururan, Samosir Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia

5. Go Across Lake Sidihoni

In the next day, you can go across but still in Samosir Island. Today’s trip will be head to Lake Sidihoni, known as a lake on a lake.

Here on the lake you can either enjoy sunset and sunrise, which one you prefer to, it’s all up to you!

Sitting down at an altitude of 1,300 meters and feel the serenity. This lake not really crowd, especially in the morning. But whenever you ready to go, hopefully you step foot in the right time.

Location: Samosir Island, North Sumatera, Indonesia

6. Exploring Tuktuk Siadong

Your stepping point before gettin’ into Samosir Island must be Tuktuk Siadong. You absolutely will not feel lonely here, because you can hype up. Here’s available bars, restaurants, and lot of transportations passing by. From the area, you might meet friendly locals who’ll delightful to help you find your way, especially when you looking for a place to stay.

If curiousity pop up about Batak culture, stay at Bataknese bungalow is a great idea! No question, 95% of inhabitants known as Bataknese. However, you can choose the most crowd one to get more knowledge. Well calm, price tag staying at the bungalow will not ruins penny. Find a great place which offers safe and comfy.

Location: Simanindo, Samosir Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia

7. Visit Tomb of King Sidabutar

There are lots of famous mysticism in Indonesia. One of the top is Tomb of King Sidabutar. According to the past, King Sidabutar is the first one who came over to Samosir Island. He was believed as a powerful man who received his strength from his dreadlocked hair. His powerful successfully made him as a king in the era and became the most scary people in Samosir.

The tombs isn’t like the other tombs in majority. Well, the tomb carved in stone with a head as a symbol of him. The material made of solid rock, believed a bit hard to crash down. Around King Sidabutar’s tomb, you might found another tombs which pertaining to his family and ancestry. One last thing, before you visit the tomb, make sure you haven’t bad attention or bad aim for any self-advantages.

Location: Jalan Samosir, Samosir, North Sumatera, Indonesia

8. Taste Tomok Street Food

You’ll absolutely feel starving after exploring Tomb of King Sidabutar or any other spots nearby. Take a rest a moment, thus go to Tomok street food to refill energy. Tryna Bataknese culinary is a must you won’t miss! Lot of tasty and unique food you can’t find in another region in Indonesia. Try Pora-Pora and Sambal tuktuk, these two as a perfect combo! Fresh fish mixed with fresh also spicy chili will heat your tongue.

If you’re spicy lovers, you can find another culinaries easily on Tomok street food. Worry free if you are Muslim because most of the food labeled HALAL. Try Naniura as the best fresh fish cooked with Bataknese spieces. It served without baked or grilled, and mostly well-cooked with spieces only. The taste is imaginable, absolutely delicious. No lie, give a try if curiousity pop up!

Location: Jl. Lkr. Tuktuk, Tuktuk Siadong, Simanindo, Samosir Regency, North Sumatera, Indonesia

More Tuk Tuk Attractions

Another Things To Do in Sumatra, especially Tuk-Tuk Indonesia:

  1. Hire a Motorbike Exploring Samosir Island, this is one of challenging part you must try!
  2. Dancing and Learning Batak Culture, you need to learn Tor-Tor and Sigale-Gale dance
  3. Try Paradliding at Martahan janji Village, feel difference circumstances!
  4. Enjoying Hadabuan Naisogop Waterfall
  5. Fishing at Toba Lake, cause most of fish super big!
  6. See Traditional Weaving, to learn how to make Ulos (Bataknese accessories)
  7. Exploring the Lake with Kayak, to see how wonderful Toba Lake is

15 things to do in Tuk-Tuk Indonesia have mentioned above. Make sure you’ll stay at least 4 days 3 nights to explore Samosir Island, including the smallest area with plenty history also tasty food.

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