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Looking for Fun? Consider These 5 Mountains to Hike in Garut

by Widiya
Mount Cikuray, a volcano viewed from its western foot from Cisurupan, south of Garut, Garut Regency, West Java, Indonesia.

A few people run. A few people play golf. A few people like to wear masks and hit each other with sticks yet for some others, they love to hike.  You might also want to check mountains in Indonesia to hike.

All things considered, a hiking excursion in nature is perhaps the most ideal approach to disengage from innovation. Taking a break from modern communications and each one of those screens for only a few days can give you a lot of benefits.

You will feel a feeling of freedom, recapture lost balance, and discover harmony. Truth be told, you may even love the simplicity of exploring the wild with no devices, applications, and notices. 

In Garut, West Java, Indonesia, there are a few trails we are sure you would have wanted to try. And to give you a knowledge into it, here are 5 mountains to hike in Garut. 

A List of Mountains to Hike in Garut

  1. Mount Papandayan 
Papandayan Mountain
Papandayan Mountain

Situated in Garut, West Java, Mount Papandayan is effectively accessible in any case offering a pleasant view for the individuals who want to have a relaxing outdoor time and enjoy the landscape. Since it is not excessively high (2,665 meters above sea level), you do not need to stress in case you are still an amateur on the grounds that the trip is not too extreme. 

Still and all, you must be fit and wrapped yourself with a jacket and track shoes for your safety. The admission charge for Mount Papandayan is 20,000 IDR on workdays and 30,000 IDR on weekends for adult explorers, and 200,000 IDR on non-weekend days, and 300,000 IDR on weekends for foreigners.

The guide costs you around 250,000 IDR per day. The track is quite safe, but if you think hiring a gade can make you feel safer, then why not. 

  1. Mount Guntur 
Batur Mountain
Gunung Beuticanar and the valley below (Daniel Quinn, October 2010)

Mount Guntur is a stratovolcano situated at Tarogong Keler, West Java at 2,249 meters above sea level stature. It is an active volcano. You can have a great time journeying to the highest point of Mount Guntur that seems identical to that of Mount Semeru.

Despite the fact that Mount Guntur is more limited in tallness than Mount Papandayan, however, the actual tracks make it a great climb for you, your dear companions, or even the entire family. 

You will get a mountain climbing experience like no other with loved ones, witness the wonderful dawn from the highest point of Mount Guntur, have a great time traveling to the highest point of Mount Guntur, and figure out how to live in harmony with nature. 

  1. Mount Cikuray 
Mount Cikuray

With a track that is quite challenging, it will be a great excursion climbing to the highest point of Mount Cikuray. The climb will be justified, despite any trouble once you see the amazing scenes surrounding you and even an ocean of mists that you can appreciate from the highest point of Mount Cikuray. You can gather your packs and prepare to explore the magnificence of Mount Cikuray together. 

You will get a mountain climbing experience like no other with loved ones, witness the wonderful ocean of mists from the highest point of Mount Cikuray, figure out how to live in harmony with nature, see stunning scenes along the entire tracks, and camp at the pinnacle of Mount Cikuray. Speaking of camping, there are campsites in West Java you might want to visit.

  1. Telaga Bodas Crater 
Telaga Bodas Carter

It is an exceptionally nice and beautiful spot for climbing and to know nature from short proximity. The crater is extremely enthralling with water in the cavity which turns into the sulfur exploitation project.

Tourists who visit the site usually go for a shower in the hot water which contains sulfur. The encompassing view is excellent which is brimming with plants and tropical trees.

Around 30 kilometers from Garut toward the Southwest, there is Curug Orok tourist site. The site is a delightful waterfall as the street to arrive at Curug passes the tea plantation. The characteristic scene in the Curug encompassing territories and the atmosphere of mountainous zones with green tea plantations are the attractive charms of this tourist site.

  1. Karacak Valley

Karacak Valley is a natural tourist spot in the form of mountains and hills around the Mount Karacak area. It has a large area that is overgrown with pine trees. Apart from the refreshing air, Karacak Valley is a great place to watch the sunset.

And since Karacak Valley area is hilly, you can see the beautiful sunset from the site. Besides that, exploring the pine forest is the most popular thing visitors do there. For a more in-depth exploring experience, you can consider a forest area in Bali to visit.

So, that’s a list of mountains to hike in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. While you are at it, check out our other articles about things to do in Garut and beaches in Garut.

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