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14 Waterfalls In Bogor – Have An Awesome Experience Here!

by chandrifajriana

Bogor as the City of Rain has much of natural attractions. If you want to feel the different atmosphere from the other vacation spot in the city, you may consider about visiting the waterfalls that located in Bogor.

So, come and get an awesome holiday experience in these destinations which is a nature tourist spot in Bogor, West of Java. Here’s for you some nice waterfalls that also known as curug, enjoy it!

1. Curug Tujuh (Seven Waterfall)

There are many beautiful Waterfall in Bogor, West Java Indonesia. Traveler should not miss the Curug Tujuh that located in Cilember, 20 kilometers from the city center of Bogor. Its exact location is in the Jogjogan village. Indeed, Curug Tujuh is in accordance with its name. Once you get there you will find 7 waterfalls scattered throughout the village.

From the entrance, you will see the first waterfall that quite close. Here in this place the visitors will meet a beautiful park to be enjoyed while buying some souvenir or visit the culinary tour.

To enter in this beautiful waterfall, you are charged only Rp 12,000 per person. If you come here by carrying a private vehicle, there is a parking fee that the visitors must pay which is Rp 10,000. For any toilet facilities you need to pay approximately Rp 2,000.

2. Curug Luhur 

Curug Luhur is located in Ciomas, Bogor which is precisely in Gunung Malang Tapos Village. If you not bring your own vehicle, it’s better to take a public transportation by taking the route from Kampung Rambutan then continue to Terminal Baranangsiang and Ramayana. Then yougo to Ciapus by telling the angkot driver that your destination is Curug Luhur.

Its Height of the waterfall itself is approximately 624 meters. Tthere are two parallel waterfalls that tourists will find when visited Curug Luhur in Mount Salak. The distance is 70 kilometers from south of Jakarta.

Visitors that come to this place are charged an entrance fee of Rp 40,000 per person. For those visitors who bring a motorcycle, parking fee is charged by Rp 8,000 while bring a car will need to pay Rp 2,000 only.

3. Curug Cilember

If you come to do a traveling to Bogor, especially entering Cisarua area, do not even miss to also come to Curug Cilember.

With its height that reaching 1000 meters above sea level, Cilember waterfall is a fun and refreshing tourist spot. More than that, its weather is really cool with the temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius.

You can used Puncak Route to get to this curug.

Visitors only need to pay Rp 12,000 as entrance fee. This waterfall that usually called as Curug Cilember receives visitors from morning until around 6 pm.

4. Curug Naga (Dragon Waterfall)

Bogor is very rich with its waterfall attractions, but some of ‘em is not too familiar among the tourists, including the Dragon Waterfall that located in Mega Mendung. This waterfall is not far from the tourist area of  Curug Panjang.

This waterfall is more recommended for the tourists who like the challenge, because it has a river with a length of 100 meters around. Plus, you need to jump from the top of the waterfall to really get to the Dragon Waterfall. So this place isn’t suitable for children or elderly visitors.

Visitors are charged an entrance fee of Rp 9,000 per person. There are various rides that can be enjoyed in this destination and can also be explored by purchasing tickets according to the package that you interested in.

5. Curug Panjang (Long Waterfall)

This Waterfall is very different from the last one. If Curug Naga will spur your adrenaline, Curug Panjang that also located in Mega Mendung area is very good to be explored with family. This place is equipped with good facilities and its security. So it’s recommended for a family vacation, for families who want to enjoy a nature tour in Bogor.

It’s not so difficult to get to the destination. You just need to find the Mosque of Mega Mendung, The waterfall is located around the area.

Curug Panjang is open from Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 4 pm. And special on the weekend, it will be open 24 hours for tourists who want to tend the camp. You just have to pay an entrance fee about Rp 12,000 which includes the insurance for visitors. If you bring a motorcycle, parking fees will charged about Rp 3,000.

6. Curug Pangeran (Prince Waterfall) 

Well, your holidays here will be more satisfied cause there will not be too many crowded people in this cool waterfall.

The journey of 500 meters along must be taken in order to reach the waterfall. Cause the scenery is so beautiful, you will not feel too tired. Even you would be having fun by watching the panorama along the way.

Visitors will be charged an entrance fee about Rp 15,000 to visit this place. Beside that, if you also want to stay around the waterfall, lodging facilities are available in the area of ​​Curug Pangeran.

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7. Curug Leuwi Hejo

Your travelling to Bogor will not be complete if you haven’t visit Curug Leuwi Hejo which is precisely located in Kampung Wangun Cileungsi, Sentul, Bogor. This waterfall has another name that’s more popular among people, it’s named as Curug Bengkok. This waterfall is smaller compared to other curugs in Bogor and that’s why it’s also called a mini waterfall.

You don’t need to be confused about how to reach this place, cause you can pass Citeureup Bogor or Sentul City to get here.

You only need to pay Rp 5,000 for entrance fee. It’s charged only RP 5,000 too for motorcycle parking fee, and Rp 15,000 for a car.

More beautiful Waterfall in Bogor, West Java Indonesia

You also have to make a plan to visit other waterfall around Bogor in this list:

  1. Curug Cikaracak
  2. Curug Nangka
  3. Curug Seribu
  4. Curuh Cihurang
  5. Curug Ngumpet
  6. Curug Cigamea
  7. Curug Cibadak

That was the list of waterfalls in Bogor that can be visited with family or friends. Have a nice weekend in Bogor!

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