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How to Get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta : The 3 Ways to Go

by Yoga Adi

Earlier we talked about the tips and what you should know to hike one of the legendary mountains in Java island called Mount Bromo. In the article how long does it take to hike Mount Bromo, we gave the information of how to reach the mountain itself, plus the additional location of it which is between four regions mentioned before.

To go there, we gave the information about the routes that one should take when visiting Mount Bromo, with all its beautiful things to do in Moun Bromo from two different cities, Malang and Surabaya. This time, we want to give you the route from Yogyakarta city, which is far away from both the mountain and the four regions. Let’s see the ways in how to get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta below.

The option of Transportations

How to Get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta : The 3 Ways to Go

Yogyakarta city is a city full of beautiful things as mentioned in Instagrammable spots in Yogyakarta, located on the West side of Mount Bromo and also the next province beside East Java. It’s standing on its own Special Region. To go to Mount Bromo, you should know that there are some options of transportations that you can use as well. To make it simpler, we have two options of public transportations here, by using buses or trains, and one route to take if you’re going with your own vehicle.

1. Bus

First, is taking the bus transportation. From Yogyakarta city you need to go to the bus station known as Giwangan Terminal. In order to take the bus, you can choose the buses that have Probolinggo. Usually, they pass the other cities as well like Jember or possibly Malang. The bus service that you can choose is Mila Sejahtera. They usually depart from Yogyakarta city, and the final station is at Banyuwangi, which is in the far East of Java island. The ticket is about Rp115.000,- from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi. In order to reach Mount Bromo, you need to take off at the correct station, which is the one located in Probolinggo.

2. Train

Usually, people refer to using trains than buses if they want to go to Mount Bromo. It’s more efficient and also affordable. Taking trains is also less time-consuming as well. With only Rp65.000,-, the trains in Lempuyangan Railway Station can take you to Probolinggo for more than 6 hours, possibly more. In order to reach the station in Proboinggo, you need to take some transits at certain city like Surabaya. After arriving in Surabaya, you need to hop on another train.

3. Private Vehicle

How to get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta? The simplest and quickest one is going with your own vehicle. It’s more comfortable and flexible in time. Especially because of those toll roads that can efficiently and effectively cut the travel time by many. There are also two different routes that can be taken if someone wants to use their own vehicles. Even though the distance between Yogyakarta city and Mount Bromo is considered pretty far (about 380km), using a vehicle to reach the mountain is clearly possible. We’re gonna explain about the routes in the section below.

How to Get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta

How to Get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta : The 3 Ways to Go

With the Bus

Just like visiting the other mountains that having special things like things to do in Mount Prau Dieng, you should know the ways to reach the mountain itself before actually knowing about the hiking stuff. First off is the option 1, which is using the bus. From Yogyakarta city, you need to go to the nearest bus station, called Giawangan Bus Station. There you need to find specific buses that will take you to Probolinggo.

The thing is, you can’t find the exact bus that will point you right to bus station in Probolinggo. Instead, you might find the route from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi, which is the only route you can take when using a bus. But don’t worry, the bus wills stop at Probolinggo bus station, and that’s when you get off. From there, you just need to take another transportation to take you to the Mount Bromo.

With a Train

If you decided to use the train instead, make sure to make your way to the nearest train station near you. The easiest one to notice is the Lempuyangan Train Station. In order to reach Probolinggo, you need to transit in Surabaya. That’s why first thing you should do is taking the Pasundan Train to Gubeng Station in Surabaya. The trip will take about 7 hours and possibly more, so have a good rest.

After arriving at Gubeng, you need to take another train to Probolinggo Station. The train that will take you there is none other than Probowangi. If you want to sleep, there’s a special location that fit for any travelers to rest their body, have that opportunity as well. It’s only 2 hours from Surabaya to Probolinggo, and after that, you can continue your journey to Mount Bromo using the public vehicles available.

With Private Vehicle

Now, after understanding the ultimate guide to hike Mount Bromo Indonesia, we’re gonna describe the routes you can take if you use the third choice, private vehicle. The routes are basically simple and both of them require a fit stamina and body condition because it’s gonna be a very long ride. From Yogyakarta to Mount Bromor, it will take about 10 hours more or less. The distance is also very far, which is about 380 kilometers.

As mentioned before, there are two routes that you can take. First one is passing the streets from Solo and continue to Tawang Mangu. Continue your journey passing the streets of Sarangan, Maospati, Tiron, Mojoagung, Trowulan, Gempol, Mojokerto, and finally entering Porong. Arriving at Porong take the Gempol-Pandaan toll road to Pandaan area. The final step is go through Pasuruan and reaching Mount Bromo.

The second one is via Malang, which may seem simpler. From Yogyakarta city go to Solo then Sragen, Ngawi, Caruban, Nganjuk, Kertosono, Papar, Pare, Kandangan, Pujon, Batu, Malang, Tumpang, Ngades, Jemplah, and finally the area of Mount Bromo itself.

From Yogyakarta to Probolinggo Bromo

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