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15 Things To Do in Salatiga Indonesia You Will Love

by louisagabe

Salatiga is a city in Central Java, located among Surakarta and Semarang. When you head to Semarang, you will through this city as possible. It’s very simply to say that Salatiga is a small city. It may do not take times to go around seeking and visiting new places as possible.

Well, if you’ve visited and did things to do in Central Java, its time to move around to Salatiga. This small city will not disappoint you. Mark your date and spare 3 days in minimum to take a trip to Salatiga. Here is 13 things to do in Salatiga, Central Java you must know.

1. Umbul Songo Waterfall

The first one I came up with is going to Umbul Songo Waterfall. What’s the unique thing about The Waterfall? Well, it flanked by Mount Merbabu and Telemoyo. So long you here, you can see either Mount Merbabu or Mount Telemoyo lightly.

When you need somewhere to breathe, Umbul Songo Waterfall will space it to you. Here you can see the green plantation, such moss and water plantation flourishing on the cliff. Those plantations will surround the waterfall while cascading down. Whether its rainy season or dry season, the waterfall will always cascading down uplift the exquisiteness.

  • Location – Kopeng, Getasan, Semarang, Central Java
  • Admission Fee – Rp 5,000 / each

2. Kopeng

Kopeng is kind of a village in Salatiga. Here, you can see many things, especially nature. Not only that, you also allowed to getting into more fun activities. Such a flying fox, spider jump, etc. Whatever you want, do it with friends or family members.

If you crave to get in a place to pump adrenaline, Kopeng also the best place you’re looking for. You can bet yourself to climb and walk prolong the rope bridge. Is that make sense? Absolutely, this is will be one of ridiculous thing. However, its crazy and you must be proud of yourself every single time you pass the whole bridge and get to the finish.

  • Location – Jl. Raya Kopneg, Getasan, Semarang, Central Java
  • Admission Fee – Defend on what activities you’ll take

3. Lake Rawa Pening

The next place to visit in Salatiga is Lake Rawa Pening. Unlike the other lake in common, Lake Rawa Pening literally is a small lake located in Central Java. Here, you can feel serenity by taking a boat around the lake. You also can see the inhabitant do fishing to catch fishes for lunch and supper. Well, the fish they catched literally unused to sell on the traditional market. They preferably do that to fill their needs in daily.

When you need somewhere to escaping from those hectic places, you can come here. Don’t forget to bring the camera to capture moments. The last thing is don’t miss out Kampung Wisata Raya to have some fun. ATV adventure and swan boat are both you won’t missed!

  • Location – Ambarawa, Semarang District, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Opening Hours – Everyday from dawn till dusk

4. Mount Merbabu

Wanna try out something different? You can do hiking on Mount Merbabu! The landscapes are obviously breathtaking. At the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the entire Salatiga, including Semarang. Keep your eyes open to enjoy worthseeing views.

Mount Merbabu well-known as a stratovolcano in Central Java. If you got a plan to be here soon, make sure you prep very well. Prep all the equipments you need during hiking, including medicine. If you wanna enjoy sunrise and sunset, you can do camp. You can stay at least a night at the top of the mountain and catch the outstanding views ever.

  • Location – Semarang, Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia

5. Kali Pancur Waterfall

The next waterfall called Kali Pancur Waterfall, one from those famous waterfall in Salatiga. Kali Pancur Waterfall located in Nogosaren, Getesan. In particular, this waterfall very close to Semarang. It takes an hour until an hour and half to be here.

The waterfall’s height for about 150 meters and surrounded by rocks, trees, and bush. It also has several caves in there, then when you look down the waterfall, you might see that caves. To enjoy the captivating waterfall, you need to go over 900 stairs that insanely makes you tired. However, it end up with a captivating views will worthy. What you’ve done get paid in the end.

  • Location – Nogosaren, Getasan, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

6. Bukit Cinta

In Bahasa it called Bukit Cinta and in English it called Love Hill. Is that make sense? Well, no matter what it is called. Bukit Cinta obviously the next destination your feet stepping out. From the picture, you can conclude that Bukit Cinta is a small hill. However, the size truly not matter since the best view it gives.

Enjoy either sunrise or sunset are worthseeing. It’s gonna worthy after few minutes or hours on the way to catch the hill. Bukit Cinta provides an amazing, spectacular, and outstanding views. You will never ever regretful to be here, or maybe you wanna come over after your first come in, who knows?

Just info, if you wanna enjoy the sunrise, it’s good to be here on Bukit Cinta around 4 AM. And to enjoy the sunset, you need to be here around 5 PM. Make sure you never miss that best occasion to catch both. To be arrive here, not necessary to climb the stairs because you can enjoy the scenery live! One last thing, you can use the canoe to go explore such a small lake around Bukit Cinta. Are you ready on paddling activity?

  • Location – Kebondowo, Banyubiru, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

How To Get Here

  • You can reach this place after go beyond 5 kilometers from Ambarawa City to Salatiga then Banyubiru. It takes 10 – 15 minutes on the way
  • From Semarang City, it will takes 40 minutes on the way by ride a car

7. Salatiga Bride Trees

Do you wondering why the place called Salatiga Bride Trees? Well, the reason is because in the middle of the rice field, there is a growing up tree. People who occupy the area said every couple who wants their relationship stand out last, they need to taking photo over here. And for those took pictures believed will end up with marriage. That’s why it called Bride Trees. Make sense, right?

The tree isn’t huge and not much, I mean it is only one big tree sizing in common,. However, the tree always make people curious and wanna stopping by everytime they get through the road. Not only for couple, people in majority would to take picture under the tree because it is instagrammable.

  • Location – Pulutan, Sidorejo, Salatiga City, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Opening Hours – Everyday, 24 hours

8. Horse Riding in Havana

Who said horse riding only provides in overseas? Well, come to Salatiga and you can enjoy horse riding as long as you want. Basically, Savana Horse Riding is a natural horse riding school in Central Java.

One question, is the horse safe? It really is. Because the horses specifically aren’t grew in wild area. They trained all horse using natural horsemanship methods and have eaten grasses and hay around the place. Apart from able to riding a horse, you also can getting closer to the horse you rided. He’ll be your partner to explore the whole area around and will obey to all your behest.

  • Location – Tegalwaton, Tengaran, Salatiga City, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Rules

There are few rules you need to know. Such:

  • People allowed become a rider in minimum at 8 years old and maximum at 17 years old
  • Rides date, etc

9. Agrowisata Salib Putih

Number nine things to do in Salatiga is visit Agrowisata Salib Putih. The best and recommended time to come over is on weekend. Even though the place might be crowd, but the circumstances cross over your heart. This place isn’t a single place. What I supposed to mean is you can enjoy another spots, such Lake Rawa Pening, Mount Sindoro, and Salatiga’s downtown.

The whole scenery will emerge at night when the lights turns on. If you won’t miss every single moment, you need to do camp over here. Stay at least one night. Before going up here, especially when you tryna camp, kindly prepare the whole stuffs.

  • Location – Jl. Hasan Nudin (Salatiga Kopeng) Km. 4, Kumpulrejo Argomulyo, Salatiga City, Central Java, Indonesia

Another things to do in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia:

  1. Atlantic Dreamland
  2. Klenteng Hok Tiek Bio
  3. Culinary in Salatiga
  4. Pemandian Air Alam Muncul

Well, that’s all things to do in Salatiga Indonesia. Create your own best journey as a memorable moment you won’t forget in your entire life. Also find  Things To Do in Karimun JawaThings to Do in Pekalongan, and Things to Do in Cilacap, the cities close to Salatiga. Start to explore Indonesia because the beutifulness can’t beat! Spare time to visit one and another places have mentioned above. Have a joyful adventure!

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