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Madakaripura Waterfall East Java Indonesia – How to Get There

by Keziamarcellova

Madakaripura Waterfall East Java Indonesia provides a natural landscape of a very beautiful waterfall. Waterfalls Madakaripura waterfalls one of the waterfalls located in the area of national park bromo tengger semeru. When you first come to this place, you will be amazed after seeing the waterfall that flows between two walls of rock cliffs.

The cliffs are trying to keep the sun from penetrating downward. The atmosphere is calmly decorated with the sound of the water is syahdu. This waterfall is in the shape of a niche surrounded by hills dripping water on all the cliffs like rain. The beauty of this tourist attraction can not be denied, located deep within the mountains make this place always beautiful and natural. This will be visible when you are on your way to this destination. (Also Read :  Things to Do in Lamongan, East Java)

Madakaripura Waterfall East Java Indonesia

Madakaripura waterfall is located in Branggah Village Negororejo Village located in District Lumbang, Probolinggi District. Madakaripura Waterfall East Java is known as the highest waterfall in the island of Java and many tourists who visit to enjoy its beauty. This waterfall has a height of about 200 meters. In addition to the highest in Java, Madakaripura waterfall was crowned as the second highest waterfall after Sigura-gura waterfall located in North Ssumatera region. Also visit: Crazy Things to Do in Surabaya Indonesia

Many of the beauty that you can explore in this waterfall area. Just like a cave located just below the main waterfall. When you want to find this cave, you have to pass a pool of water that has an area of approximately 25 square meters. While the depth of the pool itself is about 7 m and the mini kola has a very heavy stream of water. This waterfall has a unique architecture, you will be very impressed with the beauty of this waterfall. You are astonished at the vocabulary created by the Creator.

History of Madakaripura Waterfall East Java Indonesia

Madakaripura Waterfall East Java Indonesia, for those of you who come from east java must be familiar with this word, and you will be directly fixed on the big hero sosol able to unite the archipelago under a Majapahit palm sugar flag namely Maha Patih Gajah Mada.

If we trace deeper, Madakaripura waterfall is closely related to the long history of the Majapahit kingdom. Patih Gajah Mada and Hayam Wuruk managed to unite the archipelago. Patih Gajah Mada own excellent skill in the field of strategy, diplomacy, and even war. That is why Patih Gajah Mada is able to be trusted by the kings of Nusantara.

According to locals the name Madakaripura, has the meaning of “last place”. This name is taken from a story that has been circulating in his day. It is said that Patih Gajah Mada spent the end of his life by meditating at the location of this waterfall. Location persemedia Patih Gajah Mada in the cave located in the main waterfall. This story is reinforced by the statue of Gajah Mada located in the parking lot of this Madakaripura waterfall area. Initially this area is a land that was given the king of Majapahit as a gift to Gajah Mada for working kerasanya unite the archipelago, with his oath known as “Palapa Oath.”

The contents of the oath are: “Sira Ggajah Mada papatih amungkubumi tan ayun amukti palapa, sira Gajah Mada: Seagrass huwus lost nusantara ingsun amukti palapa, seagrass lost ring Seram, Tanjungpura, ring Haru, ring Pahang, Dompu, ring Bali, Sunda, Palembang , Tumasik, samana ingsun amukti palapa.

“When translated into Indonesian has meaning: that Gajah Mada will not eat the palapa (luxury, fasting) before he can unite the earth (Nusantara). Mentioned in this case is the kingdom of Desert, Seram, Tanjung Pura, Haru, Pahang, Dompo, Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik where some of the kingdom at that time was still split yet united. (Also Read : East Java Indonesia Attractions for Perfect Holiday) 

The Myth of Madakaripura Waterfall
Madakaripura own attraction has a million mysteries, where this place has a mystical aura that you can feel when it entered the area of this waterfall. For those who are not accustomed may make the hair goose bumps. But do not be afraid, and smaller to undo the intention to come to this attraction. If you come with good intentions, nothing will happen.

According to the belief circulating in the midst of the surrounding community. You are advised to leave this place before 14.00. Because it is believed there will be rain that can affect the sudden water debit around the flow of waterfalls. This is considered quite dangerous, and allows you the suit to leave this place.

Beyond beliefs trusted by society. This tourist attraction menonjilkan pull attraction. No wonder if some travel agents who set up Bromo as a destination, will usually insert Madakaripura as a tourist destination tourist destination.

Sources in Madakaripura mention, actually there are five waterfalls in this area. When you reach the Madakaripura area you can easily see the three existing waterfalls. However, for the other two waterfalls, you should search first because hidden behind other waterfalls. Smentara in the middle of the cliff, behind the largest waterfall, there is a gaping cavity that transverse horizontally. Local residents believe, in this hole the Gajah Mada patih sitting still, to meditate in silence. Also visit: Things to Do Near Surabaya Airport

How to Get to Madakaripura Waterfall

If you want to explore East Java, Madakaripura waterfall should be your tourist destination. Madakaripura can be reached from Malang or Probolinggo.

No need to worry, to get to this waterfall you can easily, just by bus ride to Tomang and angkot you can go directly to the location. Throughout the journey from Tomang to Madakaripura you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery and fascinating, but you feel the discomfort when traveling because of unfriendly road conditions.

Accessibility to the Madakaripura waterfall is about 5 km from the highway to Bromo or about 45 minutes from the tourist location of Mount Bromo to Probolinggo (to the north). However if you are from downtown Probolinggo district about 30 km. Location of this waterfall can be reached by private vehicle or rental car, with price range Rp 150.000, – PP + driver (this price can change at any time). The condition of the road that you will then turn twisted and has been paved but a little narrow.

Arriving at the gate adan enter the parking area, you are required to walk approximately 1 km through the path. To get to the location of the waterfall you should use the services of a guide, because the road to the waterfall has a fairly heavy field. In addition, in this location is often flood and landslide. For a guide fee about Rp 50.000, – for one way. When it must and hunger struck, you do not have to worry about approaching the location of waterfalls will be found bebrapa stalls selling drinks and food. 

Madakaripura Waterfall Attraction Activities

Fatigue that approaches you during the location of this waterfall, will be paid with a million charms emitted by this waterfall. No need to worry at the waterfall location Aanda can play water and bathe. The water that flows down and reflects this bianglala is known as the holy water or the people around it call it “Tirta Sewana.” This water, is believed to have incredible properties that can heal the sick and can make you stay young. (Also Read : 1Things to Do in Probolinggo East Java)

Facilities at Madakaripura Waterfall

The facilities that exist in this tourist area is complete:

  1. Warung: You do not have to worry, in this waterfall area there are quite a lot of stalls that menjajahkan various kinds of eating and drink. So if you forget or run out of food supplies and drink do not need to worry, you can still find easily in this tourist location with quite affordable prices.
  2. Mosque: For you who are Muslim, do not worry worship becomes the main point for you. While enjoying the beauty of Nature created by the Creator, you can still perform your duties in this place.
  3. Bathroom: There are some bathroom facilities that have been provided by the manager, you can use it. But you must keep cleanliness for the bathroom that has been provided this can be maintained properly.
  4. Parking lot: As with other tourist attractions, this tourist site provides adequate parking. But you have to be careful that you do not feel anxious when your vehicle is parked. Keep your vehicle security by double locking.
  5. Lodging: This attraction is quite in the interest, so from that many business people in the field of hospitality quite interested to establish hotels and inns near this tourist area.

Travel Tips to Madakaripura Waterfall

  1. If you do not want to get wet, forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat. But do not worry if you do not carry or forget to bring, you can rent in the tourist area.
  2. Bring a change of clothes, to anticipate the clothes you wear wet already.
  3. Use anti-slip footwear because the terrain you will pass slippery conditions
  4. Do not hesitate to use the services of the guide, because they are more familiar with the terrain that is safe for you to go through.
  5. Bring the documentation tool, but you should remain cautious when carrying it and lengakpi with waterproof protector
  6. Keep clean, do not pollute let alone destroy the natural beauty that is in kawasasn this waterfall. Nature is too dear for you broken. Have a great holiday in this Madakaripura waterfall, and enjoy every moment beautifully given by the creator
  7. And most of all, do not forget to pray and clean the day of any intentions.
  8. If you are first visiting the waterfall Madakaripura be careful of the elements that use the location. For example, if you use a motorcycle and parked it in a stall, then after you come back you will be asked for money on the grounds they have washed your bike, but in fact your motorcycle sepedah only watered with water only.

How? Interested to come to this tourist place? Let’s invite family, friends, girlfriend or even your best friends to this place. Let’s explore the natural beauty of Indonesia.

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