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Instagram Worthy Places in Medan for Photography #1 Naturally Beautiful

by Vaniahyn

There are the hunting spot in Medan, from the center of the city to suburbs. If you want a photography spot in Medan, go to some of instagram worthy places in Medan below the following words.

  1. Kota Cina sites Museum

kota cina sites museumKota Cina sites Museum is in Kota Cina street, No. 65, Medan Marelan. This museum is a historic tours and cultural in Medan. And pretty much visited by – for some photo hunting.

This photo spot is not only bring the unique, but it is worth to come here because there are a lot of historic sites that will give you a knowledge.

There are some historic collections, like a sculpture, a jug, a stone and etc. for you who like the history and culture of Medan, try to come for take some photo and find a knowledge that you never know before.

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  1. Tjong Afie House

tjong afie houseFor North Sumatera society, this house will be familiar. They are definitely know about this house. This building is in Jenderal Ahmad Yani street No. 165, Medan.

Most of tourist come for take a photo and travel. Besides for a photo spot, Tjong Afie house become a historic attractions. It is because the house has a memory of Tjong Afie and his family.

Besides that, this is has a unique architecture and interest for take photo in this place.

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  1. London Sumatera Building

london sumatera buildingOne of hunting spot in Medan that wanted of teenager, is a London Sumatera Building. The classic view with the light of the city at night is the best view for hunting.

The building is in Jenderal Ahmad Yani street, Medan city always has a attraction by itself, especially the lovers of cultural heritage buildings. Many amateur photographers try to take a photo around the building.

The building has the magnificent form with typical European building that soaring high. But there are lot of windows that can be offset the building.

  1. Train Station

train stationThe hunting spot can be everywhere, include a station. Yes, train station in Medan also visited by photo hunter. This station is in Stasiun Medan street. The unique of this building is similar like the other buildings, that is a Dutch colonial heritage.

This thing that can be a cool spot for take a photo. The travelers from outside of Medan that come to this station definitely won’t pass the change for hunting a photo.

Moreover, this building is so clean and well maintained. This place can be instagram worthy places in Medan.

  1. Titi Gantung

Titi Gantung is a bridge that use for the train. This bridge is in Tjong Yong Hian street number 16, Medan.

Although it is just an ordinary bridge, this bridge has a attraction by itself. So, lot of people hunting for take a photo in that place. Why ? it is because, the bridge area is not only a background of the bridge. There is a Pecinan building background. So. There are lot of people to come. Most of visitors want to enjoy the area that lot of street vendors. 

  1. Masjid Raya

masjid rayaMasjid Raya Medan  is so unique and suitable for hunting area in Medan. It is because this mosque has a beautiful architectural.

It’s very long time that this mosque make a lot of people want to hunting photo in this place. The location is in Sisingamangaraja street, Medan. And always become a religion attraction for tourist from outside of Medan.

If you come from Medan, maybe this mosque often you visit or just take look. But for tourist, come to this mosque will give a religion experience that can be really awesome. This mosque will remind you  of Baiturrahman – Aceh and Taj Mahal India.

  1. PDAM Tower Medan

PDAM tower

The next instagram worthly places in Medan is tower PDAM Medan. This place is the most of unique place for hunting a weird photo or just with your friend.

The location is in Pandu Pasar Baru street. A lot of people come to this place just for take a best spot from any side. There are most of people are teenagers.

Actually, this place is just an PDAM tower in Medan. Name, size, and the shape that’s so unique. Even the tourist from the other city want to take photo and feels like fit to be recalls.

  1. The Palace of Maimun

palace of maimunThe palace of Maimun is in Bringjend Katamso street, Medan. This place is one of the places that fit for take a photo. Additionally, this place also a historical tourism in Medan.

You can hunting the photo in outside of the palace, you can also take a photo in the the palace. There are so many story of the kingdom Of Deli. This place is a good location for learn the history of the kingdom of Deli.

The tourist will be presented on how beautiful and stately the palace is. For the outside, this building, look elongated and so beautiful with the garden. you may also visit: What to Buy In Sumatra? Find 15 Unique Things Here! 

  1. Central Post Office Medan

central post officeCentral Post Office Medan is in Post street number 1 in Medan. The interesting part of this building is the architechtural shape. No wonder if many interested for hunting in this place.

Typical colonial building  that so characteristic and stately. Especially at night when you are walking around with the lights of Medan. So, the beauty of Medan will be look perfect.

Although it is old, this building still useful until now. This office still used as a post office for serving the community. you may also visit: Things to Do in Medan, Indonesia

  1. Masjid Lama Gang Bengkok

masjid lama gang bengkokIn addition to the Masjid Raya, there are another mosque that made into religious tourist site and hunting location is a Masjid Lama gang Bengkok. This mosque is in Masjid Kesawan street Medan.

Reportedly, this mosque has an attraction like Malay architecture building in Medan that so identic with Islam. In addition, the attraction of this mosque is the oldest mosque in Medan. Curious? Try to come to religious and historical tourism on this one. You will get more a new experience. you may also visit: Things to Do in Sibolga North Sumatra (Stunning Natural Beauty).

Beside the places below, there are more instagram worthy places in Medan, like:

  • Linting River
  • Cadika Pramuka Park
  • Burung Cemara Asri Park
  • Medan zoo
  • Marelan tirta’s pool
  • Sibolangit waterfall
  • Captive deer Park USU
  • Leuser National Mount Park
  • Wonders Water World
  • Danau Toba
  • Hairos Waterpark
  • Cermin beach
  • Olo Beach
  • Karanganyar tour baths
  • Bukit Gundaling
  • Siku Likap waterfall
  • Lau debuk-debuk
  • Lumbini natural park

So, there are some instagram worthy places in Medan that you can visit to. Happy holiday and hope your holiday will be fun. Don’t forget to bring your best camera.

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