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What Are Those Things To Do in Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall? See Here for More!

by Yoga Adi

Bandung is indeed a fascinating town. In the previous article, which is when is the good time to visit Bandung, we can see and understand why. However, just like Jakarta, Bandung city also has several malls that exist to meet the people’s demand. Some examples are Bandung Indah Plaza, Bandung Trade Center, Festival City Link, and many more.

And in this article, we’re gonna talk about thing that looks as great as things to do in North Bandung, the Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall. The mall is clearly one of the best. Many visitors are satisfied with it and writing very good reviews like clean place, open area, and a nice place for hangout. That’s why, no wonder that it got 4,5 points out of 5 on Google. Based on more than 31 thousand reviews, there’s a lot of interesting things to do here, like visiting its best restaurants and cafes. What are they? See the complete info of things to do in Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall below.

1 – Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall

Of course, before actually knowin all the restaurants and cafes around the mall, we would like to introduce you to the Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall first. So, this mall is basically a favorable place that located in the area of Cihampelas number 160. It’s surely one of the biggest shopping centers in the city.

Aside from the things to do in South Bandung that also look very interesting, The Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall  can give you an exciting experience of exploring this big mall. Inside, you can find so many facilities from the restaurants up to the Xxi for watching the exclusive movies. Sometimes, there are events like Bandung PUKD Expo, Healthy and Fun festivals, and many others. If you want to know the latest news about the events, make sure to check their official website.

Location: Cihampelas number 160, Bandung

Cost to enter: Because the average price for this mall can’t be determined here, we can conclude that the important cost for this is the parking ticket and vallet parking

2 – Warung Nasi Ampera Sundanese Restaurant

In the second place, we want to talk about one of many things to do in Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall, the Warung Nasi Ampera. This one is a perfect place for enjoying all the Sundanese foods you like. The location of this restaurant is not too far from the malls, it’s in the street of Ampera Raya street number 115P.

On some websites, it got 3 out of 5, which means that this restaurant is fairly good. For the menu, you can expect some famous Sundanese foods such as Sate Jeroan, Semur Jengkol, Asin Sepat, Asin Cumi, and many others. You can balance them with Orange Juice, Dawgan Ampera, or even the famous Luwak Coffee.

Location: Ampera Raya street 115P, Bandung

Average Price for two: Rp150.000,-

3 – Platinum Resto

The next restaurant that can be as good as best restaurants in Paris Van Java Bandung is Platinum Resto. It’s one of many restaurants that located in the Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall Bandung. This restuarant can serve you up to three different kinds of meal. They are Javanese, Asian, and also the special Chinese foods. All of them are definitely delicious.

So, we can say that this restaurant is actually suitable for all people. However, you can visit it starting from 10 am to 10 pm every single day. It’s too bad the visitors can have alcohol though. About the menu, the customers most favorite dish is the Crispy Fried Chicken Butter Sauce with Rice, which can also be ordered via online.

Location: Cihampelas Walk, Broadway, Cihampelas street number 160

Average Price for two: Rp100.000,-

4 – Betutu Lalah

Well, almost all the things to do in Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall are surely affordable. The restaurants we mentioned above can serve the people with their unique foods that they can get with such an affordable price. So does this restaurant in Cihampelas street number 66, Bandung, called Betutu Lalah.

The name Betutu does sound familiar right? That’s why, from its name, we can guess that this restaurant serves Balinese foods. For the people who have visited the Bali island before, visiting Betutu Lalah will surely bring nostalgia. In here, you can choose from Nasi Campur Bali, Nasi Ayam Betutu, Nasi Bebek Betutu, and many others.

Location: Cihampelas street number 66, Bandung

Average Price for two: Rp100.000,-

5 – Let’s Go Gelato

After things to do in Bandung for five days , the next interesting place that located around CihampelasWalk Shopping Mall is Let’s Go Gelato. If you want to eat some dessert because you’re already full, tasting this place’s best ice creams should be a great idea. There are a lot of variants of ice cream, that’s why the customers, especially teenagers, do love to visit it.

Eating a scoop of ice cream during hot weather in Bandung city should be one of the great things ever. In here, the ice creams are starting from the S size to Monster size. For us, surely Monster is the best one. The S size has about 1 scoop, M has 2 scoops, L has 4 scoop, and the last one has about 750 ml of ice cream. You can also add extra cone or toppings to make yours better.

Location: Cihampelas Walk, 1st Floor, Bandung

Average Price for two: Rp100.000,-

6 – Chapayom Cihampelas Walk

The next one is Chapayom, a place to order the hits drinks. This small place on the first level of Cihampelas walk Shopping Center has some things that look interesting. Different from the other places, in here you can buy many variants of drink.

Mostly, in here ther are kinds of Thai Tea, which is one trending drink in Indonesia right now. From the menu, you can choose Cha Yen, Kafe Yen, Kafe Milo. Nom Yen, Cha Keaw, and many more. You can also add the grass jelly for a price.

Location: Cihampelas Walk, 1st Floor, Bandung

Average Price for two: Rp50.000,-

Aside from those six things to do in Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall above, we also have the other list that containing the other nice locations that you could visit as alternatives. In this section, there are different cafes and restaurants such as :

1. Kampung Kuring

2. Mujigae Resto

3. Goelali Bistro

4. Dapur Cihampelas

5. The Square Restaurant Bandung

6. Gorjeus Cafe

7. Fat Straw

8. Share Tea

9.Coffee Bean

So that’s the article of things to do in Cihampelas Walk Shopping Mall. As usual, a mall with great reviews always brings many wonderful things. The place is getting crowder as the increase in satisfaction of the visitors. Imagine a place where you can get almost everything Isn’t that really wonderful?

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