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Exploring Baluran National Park in East Java, Indonesia

by Widiya
Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park, situated on the east-most edge of Java, comprises transcendently of open savannahs, where wildlife meanders free. This park is one of a kind since 15 kilometers from the main passageway, you can find an excellent white seashore called Bama Beach, the habitat of coral reef, fish, and mangrove. 

In a wide-open space traversing 250 square kilometers, the park is well worth visiting for its various wild species, for example, the Javanese water buffalo and the Javanese Deer, close by shifting degrees of striking flying creatures, from hornbills to lively peacocks.

To arrive at the Baluran National Park from Surabaya, the capital of East Java, traveling overland takes around six hours. If you are going to depart from Surabaya, make sure you dine at some of the most romantic restaurants in Surabaya beforehand.

One entrance ticket for one foreign visitor is 150,000 Rupiahs and 225,000 Rupiahs for everyone on holidays. Understudies qualified for a cheaper price to enter the national park.

So, what can you do while exploring Baluran National Park a.k.a. one of the best national parks in Indonesia? Let us find out.

What to Do While Exploring Baluran National Park

  1. Mangrove Expedition 
Mangrove Forest

The mangrove domains are along the northern and eastern sides of Baluran National Park. Globe-trotters can discover mangroves in its few districts, for example, Bilik, Mesigit, Lambuyan, and Tanjung Sedano.

You can pick only one obviously, if not every one of them. Notwithstanding, there is one peaceful yet romantic mangrove spot at Bama Beach.

It has a little wooden dock encompassed by colossal mangroves confronting the extraordinary sea.  It is definitely as picturesque as some of the aesthetic places in Jakarta for photo hunting.

  1. Rock Climbing 
Karst Climbing

Extreme activities lovers better reinforce their grasps for the difficult sky-high karst at Curah Tangis. There are such a significant number of climbing courses to browse, every one of them has its own challenges.

It towers at 10 to 30 meters high and the slant inclination is 85 percent. Many have made considerable progress to vanquish it and move to the top. 

If it is not thrilling enough for you, try the best 20 mountains in Indonesia for hiking.

  1. Fishing Trip 

Make a progression of extraordinary fishing memories at another quiet waved shore, Kajang Beach. Its yellowish sand continues for kilometers without any impressions on it, definitely one of the best fishing spots in Indonesia.

Its serene and calm climate suits everybody searching for true serenity. Furthermore, it is a heaven for fishing lovers because of its plenitude of marine life. 

Be that as it may, it requires climbing through the thickness of Baluran’s wild to find a good spot. Intrigued travelers need to talk to the authorities at Bama Beach first before going.

The authorities later will lead the best approach to ensure that nobody is getting lost. Notwithstanding going by walking, you can arrive at it by cruiser, too.

  1. Hang Around Japan Cave
Japan Cave in Baluran National Park

In Baluran National Park, you can see a historical spot called “Gua Jepang” (Japan Cave). Gua Jepang is one of the verifiable witnesses that in the area of National Park, there was a battle between Indonesian armed forces against Japanese armed forces.

Due to the inequality of power, there is a great deal of Indonesian armed forces who passed on in that battle, so this spot is likewise called Batangan. Gua Jepang has a width of around 12 kilometers that contains two chambers.

The north chamber was utilized to save the weapon, while the south one was utilized as a crevice to see an adversary. 

  1. Visit Bekol Savannah
Bekol Savannah

Next to Gua Jepang, in the Baluran National Park, you can see Bekol savannah. It is around 12 kilometers from the entrance of Baluran National Park.

You will see a herd of deer, bulls, and so on, in the first part of the day and toward the evening (when the sun goes down) to do their action. You additionally can see their action and conduct of those creatures from the height.

  1. Have a Moment at Bama Beach 
Bama Beach

Bama Beach is situated in the east of Baluran National Park. You can see the first seashore and the awesome display there.

Adjacent to that, you can see the mangrove timberland, Bama source, and Mantingan source. One of the special moments there is that you can see monkeys with the long tail fishing crabs with their long tails.

On the off chance that you like to go for food, you can pass the truck and you can see the excellent scene of Bama Beach on the height. Just with 15,000 Rupiahs for each person, you can go through the night in Bama Beach to appreciate the wonderful scenery around evening time there.

So, that is all you can do while exploring Baluran National Park in East Java, Indonesia. Which one would you like to try the most?

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