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5 Things to Do in Mojosari, Mojokerto, East Java

by chandrifajriana

The tourism sector in Indonesia is increasingly explored and developed. Many places that had never been touched by people or only enjoyed by people living in surrounding area are now open to public. In this small tourism place we usually don’t have to pay some fee as visitors. It just need some money for the development of tourist attractions and sometimes parking fees.

New attractions like this are still not visited much cause visitors not get information from commercial advertising but from their friends. This type of attractions usually still clean, especially from the garbage that has been difficult to control as in popular tourist places.

The development of the tourism sector can’t be separated from the role of internet, smartphones and social media. They are related to each other to create an extraordinary business promotion. From it the development of tourism sector is growing rapidly.

Talk about tourism sector, there is an area that has many tourist attractions, namely ​​Mojosari. This place is a district in Mojokerto regency, East of Java Province. Mojosari District is the capital of Mojokerto regency in de facto. The location is at the foot of Welirang Mount and the distance is about 18 kilometers to the City of Mojokerto. Things to Do in Mojokerto

Mojosari itself is a cool sub-district, many trees growing on the sides of the road, so it named as the City of Mozart van Java. Not only the trees that flourish, shade, and green on the edge of the highway, but also there are many pots of flowers along. Currently Mojosari sub-district becomes an important place. Many important buildings especially government buildings were moved from Mojokerto to Mojosari.

Mojosari is not only famous as a clean, cool and neat little town, but also known as a place that has many tourist attractions. Various types of tourist attractions are in Mojosari. The types of tours such as historical tours, religious tours, and other types of them are suitable for young children. Although it has not been big and famous, but quite interesting for the tourists who come from local area and who come from out of town.

Here are the beautiful things to do in Mojosari, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia.

1. Trowulan Temple 

Trowulan temple is known as a paradise of archaeology. If you love history, do not miss this place.

Why should history lovers come here? Cause Trowulan temple has a lot of historical evidence, many parties say that Trowulan Temple has a million historical story. Because of this privilege, one of local media write it in a special page. This temple is located 45 kilometers from Mojosari. Much of historical evidence is hidden and continues to be research by various forms. Even some archaeologists find various buildings of temples, daily appliances, and ruins of house in the Majapahit kingdom era.

In Trowulan area there are several temple buildings as well as other sacred buildings. The temple buildings around Trowulan include Bajang Ratu Temple, Brahu Temple, Tikus Temple, and Wringin Lawang Gapura. Other sacred buildings are located in the complex Trowulan are Makam Putri Campa and also complex Pemakaman Troloyo which always have many visitors at certain times according to Javanese calendar. In addition, there is also a large pool located not far, known as Segaran Pool. Because of so many things that so historical here, BP3 with the government of Mojokerto regency build a Trowulan Museum to protect that historical findings.

2. Lalu Lintas Park 

This Traffic Park is the most famous attraction in Mojosari. This park is mostly visited by teenagers. Many teenagers visit the park which is approximately 900 square meters in size at afterschool and afternoon. This park is often used by students to do tasks as individual tasks and group tasks. Beside that, it’s also comfortable to use as a meeting place of organization or other.

This park is located at T-junction of Tugu Adipura. It has various facilities for visitors. Such as seats, gazebos, lights, toilets, children’s games, even musholla. What makes this park is so special are the miniature traffic signs and bike trails that are designed to resemble a real highway. In addition, there area many shady trees and green grass to make visitors feel at home lingering in this place.

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3. Bangkal Temple 

There are more beautiful things to do in Mojosari, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia. Around Mojosari there are also other archaeological buildings named Bangkal Temple. This temple is a relic temple from Majapahit Kingdom. The shape of this temple is rectangular. At the foot of the temple there are stairs that used to climb into the temple’s chamber. Above the door of the temple chamber there is an ornament named Kala.

This is one of the temple buildings that still stands firmly. At this time it used as a place to watch wayang kulit performance that held every after harvest season. Although its located at the foot of the mountain, but Mojosari always known by people as a beautiful and important small town.

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4. Public Pool and Sumber Tiri Well 

This is one of tourist destination in Mojosari. It’s not yet familiar for our ear as a tourist attraction but its presence was greeted welcomed by people who developed it as an interesting vacation land.

Especially for tourist attractions that located in desolated and not much explored yet area, it’s actually become an alternative thing for social media users. This is because any famous place now become so less challenging.

In other case, with the sights that are still natural and not much visited by people, it’s a very nice place to capture. The documentation will certainly be a special thing to uploaded in our social media, no wonder if it will be crowded by other users’ comments.

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5. Tiban Mosque

Actually this is not a tourist place, but a mosque in a boarding school that located underground. The mosque is used by people to do prayers and also used to do meditation. This mosque is very dark, there is no light in or any noise from outside.

Because of the uniqueness of this building and its location that is underground, it cause many people decide to visit this beautiful mosque.

That’s some of tourist attractions around ​​Mojosari area. Not just them above, in Mojosari there are also other place that can be visited such as Pasar Raya Mojosari, Fish Market, Fruit Market, Legi Market, place to make any pottery and traditional tile, etc. We also could find much culinary place that become the characteristic of this region, such as Albino Ducks, Bakso Pentol Besar, Bakso Umi and Chicken Soto Mak Kuni’ah. Let’s enjoy all the natural things to do in Mojosari, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia.

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