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The Remarkable Things to Do Near Gunung Kawi

by Yoga Adi

Working can be really stressful. If you finally reach the level where you feel like it’s time to break free, maybe you need to take a vacation to the natural places that exist around the country. For example, you can visit some lakes, beaches, or even the mountains like things to do in Mount Prau Dieng and also this Kawi Mount.

The Kawi Mount or Gunung Kawi is located in the East Java province. To be specific, the location of this mountain is still in the Malang, East Java, really close with the other mountain, Mount Butak. The region is also the location of the famous Mount Bromo with all the things to do in Mount Bromo that located around it. However, there are different attractions or things to do near Gunung Kawi or Mount Kawi that you can visit after visiting the mountain, such as :

1. Mount Kawi

As one of the things to do in East Java, we also include the Mount Kawi or Gunung Kawi, which is the next popular mountain after Mount Bromo or Mount Semeru. The location of them are also near to each other, so if you want to do hiking, their area is the best one. However, the location of this mountain is in the Malang regency, outside the area of Malang city.

There’s a mountain that located nearer, which is the Mount Butak. Just the same as Mount Butak, there’s no historical record about the mountain’s eruption. So, all we can do is to speculate based on the form of the mountain. However, the place became a popular location for pilgrimage trip now. That’s why you can’t find many hikers there.

Location: Wonosari, Malang Regency

Tips: Even though there are many people who want to do their pilgrimage trip, you can still enjoy your hiking.

2. Sempu Island

Another thing that should be included inside the things to do near Gunung Kawi is the Sempu Island. The island is very similar with those islands in Lombok area, where you can find a very green forest that completed with very clear and refreshing water. Even though the distance between this location and Mount Kawi is a little bit far, the journey will be worth your while.

The Sempu Island is actually a conservation location that has tropical forests, mangrove forests, and even coastal forests. On the island, you can find a lake named Segara Anak that already famous on social media. However, if you want to visit this heavenly island in Malang, you should start from Sendang Biru beach. To enter the island, you need to pay about Rp20.000,-.

Location: Tambakrejo, Sumbermanjing

Tips: You should rent a boat to cross to the island

3. The Pelangi Waterfall

As one of the best waterfalls in Malang, there’s a waterfall that located close to the Mount Kawi, named Pelangi Waterfall. Pelangi is Indonesian word means Rainbow. As the name implies, sometimes you can see a perfect curve of a rainbow that coming from the waterfall, even though it’s not a common thing.

The location of this waterfall is in an area called Tumpang that still inside Malang regency. It’s about 132 km from the city center. To get here, it’ll be a very demanding trip because you need to pass the forest, steep hills, and also a river to be able to visit the waterfall. That’s why you need to continue your trip on foot. The entrance ticket is only for Rp2.000,-

Location: Tumpang, Malang

Tips: As mentioned above, the trip is gonna be a hard one, so you need to prepare your stamina and body fitness

4. Wonosari Tea Garden

There’s one thing that should be included inside the things to do near Gunung Kawi, a tea garden. In the area like Malang and Batu, you can find so many tea gardens that exist on their hills, like this one for example.

The Wonosari Tea Garden is located on the feet of Mount Arjuno, so the weather in there is considered really cold, especially in the wet season. Aside from visiting the garden, you can also take a sip of the fresh-made tea by the farmers. The entrance ticket is also very affordable. Wouldn’t that be great?

Location: Wonosari, Lawang, The Pasuruan Border

Tips: You should be more careful when visiting in during the wet season

5. Mount Semeru

As mentioned inside the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park guide, Mount Semeru is considered a popular attraction in East Java. It’s actually one of many mountains that always visited by many tourists each day. They come here with mainly one purpose, to see the sun rising on the horizon.

The mountain is not only visited by local hikers but also foreign ones. They also want to prove themselves the true beauty of Mount Semeru right before their own eyes. In the location of Mount Semeru, you can also visit the famous lake name Ranukumbolo. 

Location: Malang, East Java

Tips: You should be careful when swimming in the lake

6. The Beach of Three Colors

The next one on the list of The Beach of Three Colors. The beach is located in the area of Sendang Biru, Sumbermanjing, Malang. It’s one of the best beaches in the country because this beach three different colors that are clearly visible.

Upon arriving on the location, you can see that those colors are brown (from the sand and the water), green, and also dark blue. Because the water is very clear, you can even see the colors during the evening. Aside from the clear water, people also do many things like trekking, camping, and even hunting jellyfish.

Location: Sumbermanjing, Malang

Tips: You should bring your own meals because there’s no food stall in the area

So those are the locations or attractions that you can visit around Mount Kawi. But if they are not enough for you, we still have another list that containing the other things to do near Gunung Kawi or Mount Kawi right down below :

  1. Bengkung Beach
  2. The Tiban Mosque
  3. Coban Rondo Waterfall
  4. Eco Green Park
  5. Balekambang Beach
  6. Karangkates Dam
  7. Selecta
  8. Wonosari Agro Tourism
  9. Sumber Pitu Waterfall

So that’s the topic about all the things to do near Gunung Kawi or Mount Kawi that located inside the Malang regency of East Java province. You can always use this Mount Kawi as your destination on your holiday, especially if you want to release some stress with hiking the mountain to see the wonderful sunrise on above.

The Sempu Island

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