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You Can Do Anything in These Wonderful Things to Do in Tangkahan Indonesia!

by Yoga Adi

Travelling around Indonesia is so much fun thing to do. Especially because there are so many islands in here to explore. With their unique features, some of them are also famous as best Indonesia tourism spots. And one of those beautiful island named Sumatra. In Sumatra there are so many things to check out, including the area of things to do in Sibolga North Sumatra.

Aside from that specific area, the visitors can also visit so many other areas waiting like things to do in Northern Sumatra, and one particular area called Tangkahan. Tangkahan is a small area located in the North Sumatra, which is known for having wonderful attractions like Lake Toba and Samosir island which become the icons of the province. So, without further do, let’s take a look at the best things to do in Tangkahan Indonesia :

1. The Soda Spring

Have you heard about Soda Spring. Is that kind of thing even exist in this world? Some still researching this and finally found out that there are two Soda Springs in this world. And one of them can be found in Indonesia! And suprise surprise, one hot spring is located in Sumatra island, near the great Toba Lake.

For anyone who wondering about its whereabout, this natural soda spring can be found in the area of North Sumatra, in a particular area named Tarutung which located near the city of Medan. Some say that the water in here can change into different colour. The greenish blue colour will change into orange colour in several occasions. Unlike the soda water we drinking in a bottle several times a week, the water in here will not left sticky accent after you touching it.

  • Location : Tarutung, North Sumatra
  • Tips : There’s nothing to worry because they got everything in here including the food stalls. It would be best if you bring some budget

2. Lagundri Beach

Moving to the next location is a beach located in North Sumatra province called Lagundri Beach. It looks as great as the other things to do in Parapat. Many people would come to the place to taste its gigantic waves, which is very much enjoyable for anyone who has love for surfind. There are indeed some surfers who always going in and out in this area, even the internationals.

Because of that, during some times of year, there will be an event, a great one. The event is like a championship for the surfers. The good things is, anyone can join in because it’s “Nias Open”, which is an opened championship for anyone interested in the world of surfing. Even though anyone can join in the event, it’s dominated by Australian surfers.

  • Location : Nias Island
  • Tips : You can use two ways for going to the island, by air or water. Choose wisely.

3. Sorake Beach

Aside from the known Lagundri beach above, there’s one more beach that also being a primadona in the Tangkahan and basically North Sumatra province itself called Sorake Beach. People interested to come here not for its big waves only, which can reach for about 7 – 10 meters in height, but they also want to see how great the beauty of nature that Sorake Beach has.

The beach is now popular with international tourists, especially the ones who would love to see the nature. Sorake beach was used as a place for commercial product back in the 90’s. The beauty of this beach portrayed in Coca cola’s commercial. After people started to know about this place, the beach becoming more and more crowded each day. It’s happening until now.

  • Location : Teluk Dalam, North Sumatra.
  • Tips : Because of the waves are high enough to drown you, swimming is restricted unless you know how to swim.

4. Toba Lake

One of the best things to do in North Sumatra, is of course the great Toba Lake. Anyone in Indonesia knows about this particular. Aside from its geographical history, many know about this place thanks to its myth that still shrouding the place til now.

The calm Toba Lake was once a furious terrain. It was “angry” back in thousand years ago, and at its final, the great Toba Lake exploded and causing vulcanic winter for 6 years straight. That gigantic explosion caused the raise of small island near it, Samosir island which is safe enough to visit.

  • Location : North Sumatra
  • Tips : You can rent a fishermen boat if you want to explore around the Lake

5. Mursala Island

Mursala island looks scary from the outside. But, once you explore deep into it, you can finally understand how great the creation of God is. Mursala island is very familiar in the world of movies, because it once used a place for filming one of the best box offices, King Kong.

The natural ecosystem in here really fits the setting in that particular movie. And now, Mursala island is mainly used for the people who love snorkeling or swimming becayuse they can find some good spots around it.

  • Location : Central Tapanuli, North Sumatra
  • Tips : It’s good to bring your own swimming suits or snorkeling equipments.

6. Sapo Juma Tongging Park

Sapo Juma is considered to be one of the best attractions that can be found around Toba Lake. So, if you happen to visit the Toba Lake, be sure not to waste anything  by visiting this beautiful park that designed to be a flower park.

The park becomes viral in instagram because so many people posted it and undirectly promoting it with their own photos. But indeed, this place is remarkable, especially with some decent preservation that very useful for a flower park like this. 

  • Location : Tongging Village, Merek
  • Tips : Don’t step on those beautiful flowers, it’s not worth it.

7. Bakkara Valley

The last thing of our top recommendation beside things to do in Sumatra is Bakkara Valley. Some may not know about this place yet, but Sumatran people will very familiar with this one. Bakkara Valley is like a gathering hall for rivers.

In here, you can see some rivers which you can also try its freshness by washing your face or take a sip from it. In this area there’s a myth that if a person drinks the water that came from the rivers there, all diseases will be gone. Do you want to try it?

  • Location : Humbang Hasundutan, Baktiraja
  • Tips : It’s better to visit it during the morning where the weather is cool enough and the condition of water is at its best.

Other Things to Do in Tangkahan Indonesia

Aside from the seven locations mentioned on the paragraphs above, we also have some best options for you who want to explore this area fully. Almost all of them are natural attractions, so for the people who want to see a place for stress relieving, you can count on these beautiful locations :

  1. Sidiangkat
  2. Inna Parapat Hotel
  3. Situmurun Binangalom Waterfall
  4. Binanga Bolon Waterfall
  5. Turunan Bolon Waterfall
  6. Pusuk Buhit
  7. Holbung Hill
  8. Indah Simarjarunjung Hill
  9. Rahmat International Wildlife Museum and Gallery

So that’s our topic for today which is the things to do in Tangkahan Indonesia. As you can see above, Tangkahan area can become a representation of tourism in Sumatra island, which mainly filled with natural ones that always look outstanding.

Those small islands and hidden attractions can be a plus for tourists who want to visit this area. They can have much joy of hunting, finding, and enjoying all those attractions when travelling around it. So, spending holiday in Tangkahan would be a very great idea.

A View of Sapo Juma Tongging Park

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