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6 Amazing Things to Do Near Lake Maninjau, West Sumatra

by Widiya
Lake Maninjau

The island of Sumatra, situated toward the west of Java, is home to rich scenes, blustering volcanoes, and extraordinary culture that makes it an entrancing spot to visit.

The travel industry platform is more essential in Sumatra than different territories, yet for the individuals who make the excursion, an outing over this various island is a compensating experience.

Lake Maninjau is one of the famous lakes in Sumatra along with Lake Toba. It is an amazing volcanic lake at the base of a gigantic caldera estimating 20 kilometers by 8 kilometers and created around 50,000 years when a monstrous volcano erupted and fell in on itself.

In this article, we will be talking about 6 things to do near Lake Maninjau. Check the list below if you want to have some reference.

  1. Overcoming Kelok 44 
Kelok 44

To get to Lake Maninjau, you will pass the descending and winding street. Local individuals call it Kelok 44 which implies 44 turns.

This alludes to the number of turns which are 44. Kelok 44 has a length of around eight kilometers. 

Kelok 44 turns into a famous goal for visitors to appreciate the excellence of Lake Maninjau from the elevated view. There are many laying territories on the side of the road for sightseers to stop and appreciate the excellence of Lake Maninjau. 

  1. Visiting Museum Buya Hamka 
Museum Buya Hamka

Buya Hamka is an incredible researcher from Minangkabau. His home close to Lake Maninjau has been changed over into a museum out of appreciation for him.

The museum stores the work crafted by Buya Hamka who is otherwise called an author, writer, translator, as well as a lawmaker. In addition to his works, guests can see an assortment of relics and documentation of the life of Buya Hamka.

Among the museum’s significant assortments are the artistic creations, photographs of Buya Hamka from youth to adulthood, and the various honors he earned during his lifetime.

There is likewise an assortment of robe and frock worn by Buya Hamka while accepting a Doctorate Honoris Causa in Al-Azhar Cairo and the University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

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  1. Visiting Aia Tigo Raso 
Aia Tigo Raso

Aia Tigo Raso is a one of a kind fascination. It is a spring that has three flavors.

Contingent upon the individual who tastes it, the spring may taste salty, sweet. and bitter. Local people accept that Aia Tigo Roso has the adequacy to fix sicknesses.

Aia Tigo Raso is situated in Jurong Muko-Muko, Tanjung Raya, Regency of Agam. It is likewise situated close to Muko-Muko hydropower, just around one kilometer.

In this manner, it is anything but difficult to track down Aia Tigo Raso. You will not miss it in light of the fact that there is a sign saying “Objek Wisata Aia Tigo Raso”. 

  1. Walking Around 
Lake Maninjau

You can appreciate the excellence of Lake Maninjau from the boat. At the expense of 6,000 rupiahs for every individual, you will be taken around Lake Maninjau.

In addition to the boat, you can likewise appreciate the magnificence of Lake Maninjau starting from the earliest stage. The expense of leasing a bike is 80,000 rupiahs every day while the bicycle is 25,000 rupiahs every day. 

While walking around, you can set aside some effort to taste “Palai Rinuak”, a nearby specialty. It is certainly one of the activities in West Sumatra.

The food is produced using certain fish that live in Lake Maninjau. The fish is little, most likely just about the size of a brush stick. 

There are also other delicious foods of West Sumatra you might want to try.

  1. Visiting Sakura Hill 
Sakura Hill

Sakura Hill is the option of Puncak Lawang to observe the view on Lake Maninjau from high ground. The best time to visit Sakura Hill is at nightfall.

The delightful dusk at Lake Maninjau can be seen plainly from Sakura Hill. To get to Sakura Hill, guests can lease a bike at an expense of 60,000 rupiahs for every twelve hours.

In any case, it takes shrewd expertise in riding a cruiser in light of the fact that the street is tight and winding. The best alternative is to ride a bike taxi at an expense of 5,000 rupiahs for local people and 10,000 rupiahs for outsiders. 

  1. Visiting Muko Park 
Muko Park

Muko Park is situated on the shores of Lake Maninjau. There, you can unwind while getting a charge out of the waves of Lake Maninjau waves.

Around Muko Park, there are stalls selling typical nourishment of Lake Maninjau, in particular Rinuak. Some may state it is deficient visiting Lake Maninjau without tasting the enjoyments of Rinuak. 

Muko-Muko Park likewise fills in as a recreational park with different rides for youngsters. What is more, at nightfall, you can see the excellence of the dusk covering Lake Maninjau.

Muko Park is one of the lead attractions of the legislature of Agam Regency to drive the travel industry.

So, that is a list of things to do near Lake Maninjau. While you are at it, check out the best waterfalls in North Sumatra you ought to visit.

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