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16 Charming Things to Buy in Semarang

by Yoga Adi

In the area of Central Java, there are some areas that known for their attractions and unique stuff,. Because of that, the purpose to come there is not only to try visiting the beautiful places, but also for buying new and endemic souvenirs, beside things to do in Semarang.

Semarang is indeed a beautifucl city. During the day, there are some venues that really worth visiting, when the day changes to the night, there are also some notiablce spots that included in things to do in Semarang at night. Beside those wonderful places, Semarang also has some kind of must buy things that you can find in things to buy in Semarang. So check this out:

1. Lumpia Semarang

The name of Lumpia is not too strange anymore in our ears, because we already talked about that in previous article. Actually there’s no difference between this Semarang lumpia and the other lumpias on areas beside Semarang

The skin is a little bit thicker, but stil easy to chew and swallow. And it has delicious taste, especially if you eat it while accompanied with tea or coffee. The most famous one is the Mataram lumpia, which also has a very affordable price, Rp Rp10.000,-.

  • Where to get it : In the seller on public places, or potentially in traditonal market
  • Tips : You can buy two of them, one is never enough

2. Bandeng Presto

And if you really like the seafoods things, then you should try one of the fish presto that famous in Semarang city, the Bandong Presto. They make the fish more easy to eat, because everything in it is eatable, even the bones.

Well, there’s this famous brand called Juawan Elrina, which ahs the top quality of Bandeng {Resto and serving a really great taste. You can buy them in packs, with the price of Rp64.000,- you can get a kilo of them, which is consists of 5 to 6 prestos. It’s really great, just like the fish meals you can find in certain areas like inside the article of what to buy In Sumatra.

  • Where to get it : Shops in Pandaran Street, Semarang
  • Tips : This is the best choice as a gift too

3. Wingko Babat Semarang

And then, you can buy some Wingo Babat in here. What’s this? The Wingko Babat is the foods taht originated from Lamongan, East Java, which has a little bit sticky texture but having a great in aroma and taste. It’s so tasteful food, and considerably one of the best among other snacks.

It comes with dozens choices of flavor. For example, there are some kind of fruity flavors like banana, chocolate chip, durian, and others. You can buy one pack of them by paying for about Rp 62.000,- only. You can alwayas bring some for people at home.

  • Where to get it : Souvenir or gift shops in Pandaran street
  • Tips : Be sure to have a bigger bag, because its pack is huge

4. Tahu Bakso Unggaran

Tahu Bakso is another combination of two food elements, Tahu (tofu) and bakso (meatball). So what is this thing, which is also can be found inside the article of what to buy in Yogyakarta Indonesia? It’s a tofu that filled with meatball inside.

So, you can find the firm tofu which already filled with some portions of meatballs. And talkinga bout the famous product of it, people will tell you the Tahu Bakso Ibu Pudji is the one. They usually sell the people per bag, Rp18.000,- exactly.

  • Where to get it : Jenderal Sudirman 156 street
  • Tips : You can eat it with some sauce, it’s really good.

5. Banaran Coffee

Talking about a coffee, Semarang also has a coffee which is famous for its unique flavor that resembles the coffee in Java island very well called Banaran Coffee. It has similar taste with Java coffee, but less strong.

The coffee islef is produced by Perkebunan Nusantara XI Corporation in Central Java in their own gardens that located in Unggaran-Solo street in 35th kilometer. The garden also being an attraction for the people who curious about the origion of the Banaran Coffee.

  • Where to get it : Some coffee shops in Semarang
  • Tips : You can have them in the attraction for the cheaper price

6. Semarang Batik

If we’re discussing about the city of Semarang, it cannot be divided with its special things, Batik Semarang. Even though the popularity of this Batik is still lesser than the other Batik in Central Java like Yogyakartan Batik, or Solo Batik, this Batik is still having its own unique aspects.

In Semarang, you can’t see many temples like temples in Indonesia for tourist attraction, but, the number of Batik in here is abundant. With so many number of it, the number of the batik maker also increasing. You can see directly and even learn to make it yourself by coming to the batik shops in Semarang. 

  • Where to get it : Batik Shops in Batik street, Semarang
  • Tips : You can make your own Batik to get the cheapest price

7. Semarang Shirts

Of course, shirt is a must buy item when you visiting some places. You can ear the shirt everyday, and remembering your vacation in that very area. And also, people with every age can use it, so that’s why it’s a good souvenir.

You can get the Costa Van Java clothings in its shops, it’s like the most famous brand in Semarang which sells the tourists the best Semarang shirts. On the shirt, they also put some famous spots like Lawang Sewu or Simpang Lima. You can also get them in very affordable price, Rp100.000,- per item.

  • Where to get it : Tlogosari III 32A street, Semarang
  • Tips : Come to the shop directly is more satisfying, because there’s more item to choose and see rather than but them online

Are those seven things are the stuff that you must buy in Semarang? No, they aren’t, because in this articel we will provide some other things to buy in Semarang that you can get in this very city, to make you remember again in the future about Semarang. So here it is, the 9 of them, all included in our special list below :

  1. Sarang Madu Cake
  2. Lontong Spekkoek
  3. Moaci Gemini
  4. Ganjel Bread
  5. Tumpi
  6. Opium Brownies
  7. Gunung Kelir Coffee
  8. Torakur
  9. Briliant Cake

Yep, so that’s the list of things to buy in Semarang. We only provide the recommended things in here, so you can look for another things that you may find during your visit. All of them are come with a great price for a great quality. The price is actually really worth it, espedcially because some stuff in here are uniquely made and so rare to find in the areas beside Semarang. So, be sure to lits all the stuff that you want to get before actually go for shopping.


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