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16 Unbelievable Things to Do in Baturaden

by Yoga Adi

Hello again, meet us in the article of AllIndonesiaTourism to introduce to you all the beautiful things, all the gems inside Indonesia. Now, after exploring the part of Batur area, we want to introduce you to a thing that has similar name, called Baturaden tourism area. This can be a perfect optiong after enjoying the attractions in Central Java province like temples in central java.

Why? Because in this area, there are some of the notable attractions that have their own unique speciality and actually made the name of the area more famous. As one of the choice beside things to do in Bandungan Central Java, exploring Baturaden would be a pleasurable thing to do. So, here is the list of the things to do in Baturaden Central Java.

1. Kaloka Widya Mandala

As the first one that included inside the things to do in Baturaden, we have this Kaloka Widya Mandala. This Kaloka Widya Mandala is actually a zoo that has so many kinds of animal starting from the Asian to Australian animals.

The place was inaugurated by Banyumas Regent, H.Djoko Sudantoko on the year of 1995 past. Not only having the spectacular view, Kaloka Widya Mandala also receives the award of  visit Indonesia in 1991 to 2000. The place is also very affordable, the visitors only need to pay for aboutRp2.500,-

  • Location : Ketenger, Baturaden
  • Tips : Don’t feed the animals with your snack

2. Baturaden Nature Theater

Beside having sucha  great time in the instagramable places in Yogyakarta, in this Baturaden area, you can also visit the Baturaden Nature Theater or Teater Alam Baturaden. The building is of course one of a kind, but the plane structure that eye capturing.

With the entrance ticket of Rp5.000,- only, the kids can enter this place that having the body of Foxer 28 plane. Inside, the visitors can enjoy watching the movies. The movies there are for kids, so they are pretty educational.

  • Location : Karangmangu, Baturaden
  • Tips : You can take some selfies first before actually going into it

3. Sunyi Lake

For the people who love the calm of the nature, Sunyi lake might be the best place for them in this area of Baturaden. If you see there on the picture, this place has this aura of quietness, a little creepy maybe, but somewhat so refreshing.

Anybody who wants to enter it doesn’t have to worry about paying the additional costs for administration. In fact, they only need to pay for about Rp3.000,- worth of parking ticket. With that much money, they can grasp the full experience of this place freely.

  • Location : Limpakuwus, Sumbang
  • Tips : Don’t littering the lake or the environment around

4. Kebun Raya Baturaden / Baturaden Conservation Forest

If you looking at some of the natural places like jungle, forest, or mountain, you can see that there are some beautiful flora on the way. Baturaden also has the place that has many of them, inside the Baturaden Conservation Forest.

Inside, the visitors will be given the wonderful view of natural vegetations, mostly orchids. Beside varieties of orhid, visitors can also enjoy exploring all the flora that inhabit tropical forests around Baturaden. It’s only Rp10.000,- to enter.

  • Location : Pancurantujuh street, Wanawisata Baturaden
  • Tips : Make sure that you left the place clean, because it can give effects to the flora

5. Wana Wisata Baturaden

The next attraction inside Baturaden is this Wana Wisata. This place is preserved for the people who would love to do hiking in the Baturaden area to Mount Slamet, which located just  few kilometers from there.

So, this ground is usually used by the hikers, or the scouts who held the annually event in here during the end of year. For the group who want to enter it, they need to do registration first, and then paying for Rp14.000,-.

  • Location : Baturaden, Central Java
  • Tips : You can bring up your own stuff to save the money for renting

6. Small World Miniature Park

Aside from the beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta, Baturaden also having a place that suitable for the people who would love to spin the world, visiting all the beautiful landmarks. But in here, they are scaled down of course.

In this location, you can find many landmarks from many countries, like Egyptian Pyramid, and then the environment like Deustch, or even the famous buildings in Korea. Aside from the miniatures, the visitors can also pay for renting the clothes that match corresponding country. They need to enter Rp15.000,- to enter. 

  • Location : West Baturaden Highway 270
  • Tips : Be sure to have some money to rent the traditional clothes, making your photoes more colourful and fun

7. Bayan Waterfall

And for the seventh place in Baturaden, which is also looks beautiful as things to do in Tegal, is the Bayan Waterfall. No wonder that you can find so many waterfalls in the area of Baturaden, because it’s actually located in a high ground.

One of those waterfalls is this Bayan waterfall. Bayan waterfall loved by everyone, because it’s actually a fair save to use, for either the adults or the kids. So the can even swim there without worry about the high stream. Visitors only need to pay for the parking ticket of Rp3.000,-.

  • Location : Baturaden, Central Java
  • Tips : Better visit here during the morning

Other Things to Do in Baturaden, Central Java

Surprisingly, the seven locations above are not the only attractions that can be found inside the area of Baturaden. There are indeed so many of them to explore, and most of them are basically beautiful natural attractions. Here’s the places left on things to do in Baturaden.

  1. Bidadari Waterfall
  2. Pitu Waterfall
  3. Telu Waterfall
  4. Ketenger Village
  5. Baturaden Adventure Forest
  6. Pitu Fountain
  7. Jenggala Waterfall
  8. Slamet Mount
  9. Owabong

It’s so beautiful, right? Many people should know about this place because most of the tourists who want to visit Central Java are always aiming for to go to the other famous cities like Yogyakarta, Semarang, or Solo, which is quite mainstream.

If one wants to feel the different kind of enjoyment of wonderful natural attractions inside the province of Central Java, surely the area of Baturaden is can be said as a very suitable choice. With dozens of attraction, the visitors would never get bored.

View of Baturaden


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