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15 Things To Do in Blora Indonesia That Will Amaze You

by galuhvita

Blora is a regency in Central Java that bordered by Rembang and Pati regency at the north, Bojonegoro regency at the east, Ngawi regency at the south, and Grobogan regency at the west. If you check at the map, Blora is at the easternmost of Central Java province. To reach into this regency, the easiest way is using bus that will drop you at the Blora Terminal, Cepu Terminal, or Ngawen Terminal. If you want, you can also get there by train that will drop you at Cepu Station as its biggest station.

I’m sure not many of you know this regency, but actually there are so many things to do in Blora that will make you want to come back again there. Here I will suggest things to do in Blora so please check them out!

1. Terawang Cave


You can find Terawang Cave at Todanan district, 35 km away from Blora City. It was formed at the series of Northern Limestone Mountain for more than 10 million years ago.

The name “terawang” came from the unique characteristic of this cave that has various size of holes all along its roof, making the sun rays are able to hit into the cave.

Terawang Cave has around 180 m length, with the amazing structures of stalactites and stalagmites.

And the best part is, you can explore not only one but three other caves such as Suru Cave, Kidang Cave, and Manuk Cave that will amaze you. It’s all free!

2. Bentolo Reservoir

bentolo-reservoir-bloraBentolo Reservoir is also a nice place that must get into your list. Not too far from Terawang Cave, you can rest your feet after exploring the caves while waiting for the fish to bite your bait. That’s right, it’s the place to fishing for the fish lovers. This reservoir is used by the villagers to keep their rice fields with good amount of water.

And if you’re the real backpacker, don’t forget to set up your tent because this reservoir is no too far with Pancasona Campsite.

So when the sky is clear, you can see the stars at night while enjoying some fresh catch from the reservoir? Sounds nice, right? Check this out: Things To Do in Salatiga

3. Manggir Mountain

manggir-mountain-bloraManggir Mountain’s location is not too far from the previous sites, only 3,5 km from Terawang Cave. If you want to get some good mountain breeze, you should check this place. And don’t worry for those who never climb a mountain, this one is not that hard.

Its’ around 250 meters high with a cave called Manggir Cave inside the mountain. To get into this site, you need to get a car or a motorcycle before you have to park it and take a walk for a while. Once you get into the top, you will be recharged by the amazing view around the site. Leave all of your stress behind and just climb until you get recharged!

4. Cepu Forest Railway

cepu-forest-railway-bloraThe next place I want to suggest is in Cepu district, around 30 km away from Blora. It’s called Cepu Forest Railway. Bet you can straightly imagine what it is look like at the name. That’s right, this place is a light logging railway that running across 150-year-old teak plantations on the boundary between Central and East Java. Cepu Forest Railway was used to carry sugarcane into Olean Sugar Mill in Situbondo, East Java, and Tasik Madu Sugar Mill in Ambawara, Central Java.

It was constructed in 1915 and operating perfectly until 1990s. Now, the railway is opened for tourism and become one of the most exciting destination for the train lovers. In here, you can not only see some spectacular steam locomotive-powered from many countries, but also you can enjoy some Loco Tour in a distance of around 30 km! And in the end of the journey, you will be welcomed by some local cultural shows.

5. Tirtonadi Park

tirtonadi-park-bloraFor you who prefer some cozy parks in the middle of the city, then you should check Tirtonadi Park. You can find this site at Sudarman Street, Blora City. In here you can sit at the cafe while looking at some animals they kept around the park like parrots, eagles, cassowary, and even deer.

If you bring your children, please don’t forget to bring the swimsuit as well. Because this place also have swimming pools for children and adults. Or if you have difficulties to teach your children how to swim, they also have swimming club with the experienced instructors.

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6. Bluron Village

Bluron Village is one of the new options to spend your day-off in Tempuran district, Blora. This place will make your stress quickly wash away with the mild breeze.

You can enjoy the water park, eat the fried or roasted fresh water fish, chill at the cafe, or sing your heart out at the karaoke. Don’t worry about the entrance fee, you need to spend only Rp 10.000 on weekdays and Rp 15.000 on weekend. Great price, great place!

7. Blora Barongan Festival

barongan-festival-bloraIf you have a good luck, maybe you can enjoy one of the iconic festival in Blora. It’s called Barongan Festival. According to the myth, Barongan is a tiger that gurading a haunted forest called Singo Barong. At the festival, you can quickly recognize Singo Barong that symbolized with a human-sized of scary tiger with black hair around its head. But don’t worry, this artificial tiger is only for festival purpose.

Based on the folklore, one day Prince Panji from Jenggala and Prince Klana Sawendana from Bantarangin were falling in love with Princess Sekartaji from Kediri. Both are determined to get there, but they have to face Singo Barong. After some fights with the princes, Singo Barong finally lost the battle and got killed.

But with the power of the Klana Sawendana, Singo Barong changed its form into a human who willing to guard both of the princes into Kediri. When they arrived in Kediri, both princes fought until finally Klana Sawendana got killed by Prince Panji and Singo Barong got cursed so he can’t get back into human and finally devoting himself to Panji Prince.

The main part of the festival is when Panji Prince continue his journey to marry Princess Sekartaji, led by Singo Barong. The procession atmosphere become the background of Barongan Festival. So, don’t waste your time if you have the chance to enjoy this iconic festival!

8. Blora Teak Crafts

If you have to leave Blora in two days, you better drive into Jepon district and spend some time to buy souvenirs. Jepon is known with the teak crafts, from the small one like vase, jar until the big one like cupboard.

They also sell it with quite good price. Since Blora is the biggest teak producer in Java, of course they produces lots of teak crafts there.

Or if it’s too much for you to carry at your luggage, they also offer the delivery service wherever you are! Quite fascinating, isn’t it? Check This Out: Things To Do in Wonosobo

9. Sarbini Water Splash Park

water-splash-bloraSarbini Water Splash Park is a family park that offer many facilities that you can enjoy together. It is in Blora City, at the west of Kridosono Field. You can educate your children with many animal sculptures. Or you can let them play with three-wheeled bike, even mini cars.

If you want to get some sweat, they also have sport center that also used for cultural stage. I suggest to visit this park at evening, so you can enjoy the night atmosphere while riding the ferris wheel. Or maybe you can enjoy other rides and games that available there. Don’t be afraid of the cost, because each ride an game only cost Rp 5.000.

And the “water splash” means nothing if they don’t have any pools. That’s right, you can enjoy various of pools with you family here. So, prepare some spare clothes!

10. Gojekan Village

gojekan-village-bloraAnother village to release the tense. Gojekan Village is not far from Tempuran Reservoir, Blora.

With adrenaline as the theme of this village, it offers many challenging outdoor activities such as mini ATV and motor trail. If you prefer less challenging one, try water roller at the pool. It also offers other family-time activities and of course, restaurant.

Here, you can enjoy some fresh foods from Blora while laying at the spacious gazebo. Since the price are affordable, don’t miss the chance to visit this awesome village! What a beautiful  things to do in Blora Indonesia!

11. Nyampleng Restaurant

nyampleng-restaurant-bloraNyampleng Restaurant is one of the restaurant that offer swikee as the special menu. But don’t worry, swikee in here is not frog leg, but chicken leg. This restaurant has started since 1973 and doesn’t lose the iconic taste from the soy bean paste.

Besides the chicken leg swikee, it also offers other special menus such as chicken soup, salt-water catfish soup, and asem-asem.

Bring your family here between 7.00 AM until 4.00 PM. But better be quick before you missed those tasty feast! Click Here for more Indonesian tasty restaurant: Things To Do in Semarang

12. Blora Culinary Center

This culinary site has operated over 60 years ago and it offers the special satay from Blora. It’s a chicken satay with peanut sauce and opor sauce that will make you crave for more. Besides chicken satay, you can try other culinary such as goat satay, rawon, and lontong tahu. Those are the Javanese culinary that I suggest you to try, believe me the taste are so Javanese!

And if your stomach growled at night, this place still open for you. Blora Culinary Center is opened from 6.00 AM until 12.00 AM.

13. Pak Galo Restaurant

Pak Galo Restaurant is one that serves a unique culinary called Soto Kletuk. If you had tasted some Indonesian culinary, then you won’t be weird with soto. But this soto is different, since they served the chicken soto with fried cassava. So that’s the background of Soto Kletuk’s name, because you can hear the ‘kletuk’ voice when you eat. This restaurant opened twice in a day, from 6.00 AM until 2.00 PM and from 5.00 PM until 10.00 PM.

14. Kurnia Bakery

kurnia-bakery-bloraIf you need some snacks for you way back home, then you can check at Kurnia Bakery. They sell the unique mashed potato snack or kroket in Indonesian.

There’s a rumour that the bakery set a very high standard with the process of making the kroket. So when the employee get a wrong size of it, the owner will ask to make another until it’s got the right one.

And if you want a dozen on this cuties, better be quick and come here before 9.00 AM. If you’re late, then you have to hold on for another day!

15. Kradenan Archaeology Site

kradenan-bloraIf you’re looking for some ancient stuff, then you should take your shovel at Kradenan Archaeology Site. You can find this site 65 km away from Blora, along the Bengawan Solo riverbanks.

There were lots of ancient animals have been found here, like elephant, turtle, and buffalo that aged around 200.000 until 300.000 years ago. Maybe if you got the good luck, you can be the next archaeologist that found even older and unique stuffs there!

So that’s things to do in Blora Indonesia that I’m sure will make you crave for coming back here. And if you’ve done with the list, don’t worry! We have lots of another lists that will make your trips unforgettable!

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