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23 Pleased Things to Do in Boyolali Indonesia

by willy

Boyolali is one of many regencies in central java province and most well-known as milk producer region in Indonesia. Boyalali which located near Solo has many potent places for tourism. These are several from many tourist attractions in Boyolali.

1. Tlatar

Tlatar has two crystal clear water springs for bathing place as tourist attractions. The name of the bathing places are Umbul Asem and Umbul Pengilon. Beside from workdays and holidays, this tourist attraction place will be crowded by visitors during a month of fasting or known as Ramadan, as well. This is due to local tradition called Padusan which carried by the locals at Tlatar.

Padusan is a tradition of mass bathing performed due to month of Ramadan for the purpose of a cleaner body and a holier state of mind during fasting. The locals do this mass bathing ritual at Tlatar’s Bathing Places.

Aside from the bathing places, we could find fishing pond which surrounded by restaurants that serve delicious freshwater fishes like nile tilapia, tilapia, carp, catfish, etc. These places are often used to host events like Indonesian thanksgiving feast or reunion event too.

Address : Dukuh Tlatar, Desa Kebonbimo, Boyolali.

2. Umbul Pengging Bathing Place

The next tourist destination in Boyolali is Umbul Pengging. This bathing place has historical values with it’s traditional architecture. It is said, this place is the last resting place of Kasunan Surakarta’s King. This bathing place which located in Pengging Complex used by local royal family to bath.

This place attracts quite many tourists. It has different atmosphere from the others bathing places, the air is breeze because it’s surrounded by shady trees and the relaxing atmosphere is an extra point.

Address : Desa Pengging, Kecamatan Banyudono, Boyolali.

3. Waduk Bade Reservoir

There is a reservoir in Boyolali used as tourist attraction called Waduk Bade. Waduk is a reservoir in indonesian language.

This reservoir built for the purpose of fishery, irrigation or watering, it is also one of many tourist attraction visited by Boyolali locals.

Aside from fishery, this reservoir used as tourist destination because it has fascinating natural scenery. The trees that surround this place give a relaxing atmosphere for visitors.

Sightseeing beautiful scenery around the reservoir attracts many tourists to visit this place.

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4. Waduk Cengklik Reservoir

This another reservoir tourist attraction in Boyolali is called Waduk Cengklik.

Aside from sightseeing fascinating scenery while enjoying freshwater fishes culinary, we could also satisfy our hobby of fishing.

This place is the best place in Boyolali if you are a true fishing hobbyists. The reservoir is identical with it’s freshwater fish, attracts many tourists to visit, therefore this place is never lack of visitors on holidays or weekends.

Address : Dukuh Cengklik, Desa Sobokerto, Kecamatan Ngemplak, Boyolali. You may also visit Things to Do in Semarang

5. Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu

Our next tourist destination in Boyolali are Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. Both of these mounts  located side by side at a city called Kecamatan Selo which is still inside of Boyolali territory. There are climbing base camp of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.

One out of the two mounts that interested climbers the most is Merapi Peak. From Selo, the travel time is only around four hours. Meanwhile to conquer Merbabu Peak from Selo could takes any longer, it’s around eight hours for travel time.

The path of Selo also serves as a link road to Boyolali city and Magelang. Along the way of traveling Selo path, it offers a beautiful scenery. From there we could clearly see the peak of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu.  But we need to be a bit cautious when traveling through this path because it’s quite dangerous.

6. Air Terjung Kedung Kayang / Kedung Kaya Falls

If you want to travel to a beautiful place with breeze air, choose Kedung Kaya Falls as your destination.

Actually it’s still not clear whether Kedung Kaya is in Magelang or Boyolali territory because it’s located on the border.

It is located between Mount Merbabu and Mount Merapi, it also has torrent water stream.

Address : Border of Desa Wonelelo, Magelang and Desa Klakah, Boyolali.

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7. Kampung Lele / Catfish Village

Well, maybe you never seen a village of catfish, then come here and enjoy. This Kampung Lele (Catfish Village) was built in 2006 by a local governor of Central Java, Mr. Mardiyanto.

At Kampung Lele, you can learn about how to livestock catfish. Also, you can learn how to process catfish to be delicious food.

Adress : Desa Tegalrejo, Mangkubumen, Kecamatan Sawit, Boyolali.

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8. Agro Tourism Dairy Cow

Boyolali is famous as a producer of milk dairy cow has one tourist attraction in the form of Agro Cattle Dairy Cepogo. Yes, most cow’s milk products come from Cepogo District.

In this agro-tourism visitors can see firsthand how to raise a good dairy cattle, how to feed the cow, the management of the cage, until the process of milking.

One of the most favorite activities of visitors when traveling to this place is to feel the experience of milking their own cows. Well, it becomes an exciting and unforgettable experience besides watching the process of raising dairy cows directly. When it’s milking, we can drink cow’s milk from our own milk, of course with cooked first, yes.

More Tourist Attraction in Boyolali

Here are more things to do in Boyolali:

  1. Pesanggrahan Pracimoharjo
  2. Sayur Selo Argo Tourism
  3. Ki Ageng Pantaran Grave
  4. Mount Tugel
  5. Petilasan Kebo Kanigoro
  6. Lawang Temple
  7. Tepak Noto
  8. Selo Pass
  9. Prabu Handayaningrat Grave
  10. Samiran Argo Tourism
  11. Sidorejo Dam
  12. R.Ng. Yosodipuro Grave
  13. Kedug Ombo Reservoir 

What to Eat in Boyolali

Here are more things to do in Boyolali:

1. Soto Mbok Giyem

It has a tasty and fresh flavor has already had many branches and of course devoted enthusiasts.

Its name is Soto Mbok Giyem, soup look-alike. The taste of the spice that fits and affordable prices are some of the charms of this soup. Soto Mbok Giyem priced of Rp 10.000, – only.

Address: Jalan Pandanaran, Boyolali.

Well, if you are traveling to Boyolali and want to taste good soto culinary here, please stop at Warung Soto Mbok Giyem, yes.

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2. Tofu Milk 

One more unique culinary from Boyolali is tofu milk. Well, what about this? Tofu milk is a tofu made from high nutritious cow’s milk.

Somewhat different, yes, from ordinary tofu that uses soy as the ingredients of manufacture.

Know this is safe and healthy to eat because it does not use a mixture of harmful ingredients. One portion of milk knows the price is Rp 20.000, – only.

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Meanwhile, there are many things to do in Boyolali. So, pack up your bag now and enjoy Indonesia!

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