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Spend Your Marvelous Holiday in These Things to Do in Sragen !

by Yoga Adi

After exploring a little portion of Central Java province in an area called Ngadirojo, which located near Wonogiri, we want to back for some more attractions in the other area beside temples in central java called Sragen. For you who don’t know, Sragen is a home to the beautiful mountains in this island, like Banyak and Tugel.

Just like things to do in Brebes, Sragen also has several choices of natural attractions like waterfalls, lakes, and even hot springs. Because of that, visiting Sragen in order to relax is a really perfect decision. So, what else that can be found in this area? Eliminate your curiosity by looking at these things to do in Sragen :

1. Kedung Grujug Miri Gemolong

The first location on the list of things to do in Sragen Central Java is Kedung Grujug Miri Gemolong. Like most waterfalls in Indonesia, this Kedung Grujug is also having a little pond that can be used for taking bath or swimming.

Sometimes, people use this view for many purposes. One of them is for pre wed photo session. The rocky background that combined with the calmness of the water making a great composition for any photo. To enter, poeple only need to pay for about Rp5.000,-.

  • Location : Sendang Boto, Gemolong, Sragen
  • Tips : Better use a sandal when walk on those rocks.

2. Sangiran Historical Museum

The historical place beside things to do in Bandungan Central Java and can be found in the area of Sragen is Sangiran Historical Museum. This museum is like a container for the prehistoric findings, including bones and fossils.

Now, with Rp10.000,-, people can enter and see all those findings in a place called Sangiran Historical Museum. You can also see the total 13.685 collections of prehistorical stuff. So, feel free to enter and join the ride to old history.

  • Location : Krikilan, Kalijambe, Sragen
  • Tips : Better visit it early in the morning to avoid crowds

3. Kemukus Mount

The area of Central Java is thick with myth. No difference with Sragen, it has several places that also stick with this haunting myth. For example, there’s this mountain called Kemukus mount, famous for religious aspects.

Based on history, it’s a resting place for Pangeran Samudro. That’s why this mountain is known to be a very religious place. But some people missuse this place to be a place to put offerings for asking a succesful life.

  • Location : Soko, Kebayanan II, Sumberlawang, Sragen
  • Tips : Although many people use this place with that purpose, better enjoy the place only for the sake of tourism.

4. Betisrejo Tourism Spot

Not only the pay-for-enter attractions that we will introduce to you today, but there’s one attraction that will not taking any money from your wallet. The place’s called Betisrejo. It’s a very popular place, especially because it has free administration ticket.

But actually, the reason is not it. The view of the hill that combined with the panorama of rice fields is second to none. In here, there’s complete facilities for the tourists like homestay, hot spring, and also traditional massage. What a paradise.

  • Location : Jambeyan, Sragen
  • Tips : Although it’s free to enter, but it’s not free to enjoy all those facilities. Better bring some money.

5. Bayanan Hot Spring

Like mentioned before, in the area of Betisrejo, which is a wide area called Jambeyan, there’s a hot spring. It’s called Bayanan Hot Spring or more popular as Hyang Tirto Nirmolo. Like the other place in things to do in Tegal, this place is also worth the budget.

The facilities in here are pretty neat, at least enough for the tourists. People come from locals and foreigns. They come mostly with one big purpose, to cure their skin illness. The water contains a lot of nutrition for the body which can regenate skin and make it more healthy. You should pay Rp10.000,-  to enter.

  • Location : Jambeyan, Sambirejo, Sragen
  • Tips : Spending an hour ot two in this place is advisable.

6. Doeng Pool

Next location is a swimming pool. Even thoug it’s not hot like the other attraction above, it’s still likeable. This is considered as a family vacation place. That’s why, you can find so many toys in here, built purposedly for entertaining the kids.

With Rp5.000,- , people can have some fun in a water park. It’s not so wide like the other water parks, but it’s still neat. During the weekend, the number of tourists is always increasing. The place even looks so full during it. 

  • Location : Puro, Karangmalang, Sragen
  • Tips : Better come to this place in any day except weekend.

7. Sukowati Park

And to cover the things to do in Sragen, we want to introduce a very useful place for everybody’s life. Not, things to do in Sukoharjo but a park. Yes, this park is included in green place of the city. People from Sragen use this place for many reasons.

First, for jogging. Second to joing the acitvity of exercising. And the third one, is for taking a really fresh air during the morning. The management of this place also planted some trees on this location to increase the oxygen. With Rp2.000,- of parking ticket, anyone can enter the place

  • Location : Sine, Sragen
  • Tips : Visiting the park during a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) would be fun.

Other Things to Do in Sragen Central Java

Of course, beside providing all the readers with the seven best choices that Sragen has, we also want to introduce you to the other places located in this very area that have the same aspects and also worth to visit. So here you go.

  1. Banyak Mount
  2. Dung Jengglong Waterfall
  3. Taman Dayu Park
  4. Kedung Ombo Dam
  5. Dewi Arum Batik Tourism
  6. Kartika Pool
  7. Blimbing Dam
  8. Gebyar Dam
  9. Tugel Mount

You can see some of the best attractions of Sragen are already famous. And the places or attractions above giving Sragen a hope to be the best area in Central Java for natural tourism. It’s perfect area for everybody who wants to have a little bit pleasure in their stressful journey of life.

The other good point is, beside providing the tourists with the wonderful looking attractions, the attractions above even have a fairly cheap price for such amazing places. That aspect can be used by the low budget tourists who want to have the exact experience of taking vacation in spectacular places.

Sragen Tourism

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