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Let’s Know Indonesian History in 6 Medan Historical Sites Attractions

by Emilia Kurniasari
Historical Sites in Medan

Indonesia has a long journey before being independent as a country. From the kingdoms era until colonial era, Indonesia had been walking through many moments.

Some of them are recorded in various kinds of thing, such as through historical sites in East Java, West Sumatra, Papua, and many more regions in Indonesia. In Medan, there are many historical sites which can tell you Indonesian history. Here are 6 popular historical sites in Medan!

1. Great Mosque of Medan

Great Mosque of Medan

Located in Sisingamangaraja Street, there is Great Mosque of Medan which is one of popular mosques in Indonesia. Its original name is Mosque Al-Mashun. This mosque was built in 1906 by the 9th king of Sultanate of Deli, Ma’mun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam. Sultanate of Deli was ruling there at that moment. The construction finished in  September 10th 1909.

The architecture of this mosque is a mix of some different styles, there are Spanish, Indian, and Middle East styles. It shapes octagonal. The dome uses Turkish style. The decoration is a mix between Egyptian, Iranian, and Arabic styles. This beautiful mosque was designed by Dutch architect, Van Erp.

There is an attracting point in front of male entrance, that is a hundred years Al-Qur’an. During Ramadhan, there is a tradition in this mosque to serve Anyang Soup for iftar. This is a typical dish of Malay ethnic.

2. Medan Post Office

Medan Post Office

Looking post office building might be so common, but how if the building is very historical? The post office building in Medan is one of the historical post offices in Indonesia.

The building of Medan Post Office, where is located in Kesawan, West Medan, is the Dutch colonial heritage. This was built in 1911 and designed by Snuyf, Dutch Public Works Director for Sultanate of Deli.

The architecture of this building is quite different then others’ Dutch heritage. The shape is more geometrical and modern. There changes of this building are not too much, even it is still utilized as post office until now.

It means that this building has been more than one century old! It also still has carrier pigeon logo on the left and right sides.

3. Old Medan City Hall

Old Medan City Hall

Before using the current city hall, local government in Medan used another building which now well-known as Old Medan City Hall. This building is located in Listrik Street No. 10, Central Petisah, Medan.

It was built in 1906 and designed by Hulswit.  It used to be meeting hall of Dutch officials before being city hall for Indonesian government in Medan.

The architecture looks like European style and is dominated with elegant-white color. There is clock tower above the building which still functions well until now.

After Medan local government moved to another new building, this building was just like abandoned. But a decade later, there was an investor built hotel behind this building. This old city hall then becomes the cafeteria.

4. Bank of Indonesia, Medan

Bank of Indonesia, Medan

There is still another Dutch heritage, that is the building of Bank of Indonesia, where is located in Balaikota Street No. 4, Kesawan, West Medan. This is the Dutch heritage after lost in a battle. It was built in 1906 by Hulswit, Fermost, and Cuypers. The construction finished in just a year.

In 1907, it started becoming Dutch banking centre which was well-known as De Javasche. At the beginning, De Javasche was led by L. Vonhemert. This building is now used for operational of Bank of Indonesia.

There is no so many big change, there was just a big reconstruction in 2000. There used to be a big clock on this building, but one day it was lost. So there is a big logo of Bank of Indonesia now to replace the lost big clock.

5. Tirtanadi Water Tower

Tirtanadi Water Tower

During the Dutch colonial era, water tower was really an amazing invention to distribute water for local people. In 1908, a water tower called Tirtanadi Water Tower was built. It is located in Sisingamangaraja Street No. 1.

If you are seeking the landmark of cities in Indonesia, this tower is a good choice since it used to be the icon of Medan!

The height of this water tower is about 42 metres. The architecture is typically Dutch style. It was so helpful to distribute water, but unfortunately it was just for upper middle class people.

The lower middle class people used well to get water. This object is currently becoming one of instagram worthy places in Medan.

6. Tjong A Fie House

Tjong A Fie House

Chinese ethnic has been in Indonesia during Dutch colonial era. There was a famous Chinese merchant, Tjong A Fie. He was coming from Guangdong Province, China. His house currently becomes tourist destination.

It is located in Ahmad Yani Street No. 105. This house has been exist since 1900s. Visiting this house is one of top things to do in Medan!

This is a two floor building. The roof is typically Chinese style. Not all parts of Tjong A Fie’s house are full of Chinese architecture. Some parts of this house was built with Malay and European style. This house opens for public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The entrance ticket is Rp 35.000. The house is full of Tjong A Fie memories’ pictures in the past. There are also pictures of Dutch officials. The back side of this house is still inhabited by Tjong A Fie’s grandchild.

So, there are 6 historical sites in Medan. Actually there are many more historical sites, either are related to kingdoms era or colonial era. There are also many other historical sites in Indonesia, but you can just try from Medan!

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