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Top 5 Indonesian Cities with Best Street Food

by Anggrek Pita
Indonesian Street Food

Indonesia is one of the most favorite countries for tourists destination, it suits those who like traveling and unforgettable experiences.

Indonesia has a nice tourism spot, an amazing traditional culture, and a highly recommended food site. One of the most popular reasons why a lot of tourists stay longer in Indonesia is because of its street food. 

The street food often refers to kaki lima, which means the pedestrian footways that often occupied by the street vendor for selling their food. Those vendors use a food stall called gerobak

Indonesian street food is one of the best in South East Asia because of its diversity, and top of that is cheap. Indonesian street food appears as a ready-to-eat snack to one single meal that has mixed of Indonesia’s local food, Chinese, and Arabian, Indian, and Dutch influences.

Here lists of Indonesian cities with best street food you should know:


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia with the most populated cities, which makes Jakarta the most cultural city.

It is easy to find street food in Jakarta as in every corner of this city is a whole street food parade.

Jakarta also regularly holds an annual street food event like Festival Jajanan Bango, Pekan Raya Jakarta, and many more. That sure will be the paradise for culinary travelers. Jakarta has best cheap local food you may want to know.

Jakarta has several own traditional foods that cheaper than you expect, for example:

Here lists of the must-try street food spot in Jakarta.

  • Soto Betawi
  • Ketropak
  • Kerak Telor
  • Lontong Sayur
  • Laksa Betawi

Here is the list of food stall in Jakarta you must try to visit:

  • Soto Betawi Bang Husein

Located at 6C Padang Panjang, Jakarta. It opens from Saturday until Thursday from 7 AM to 2 PM. 

Soto Betawi
  • Ketoprak Ciragil

Located at 24 Ciragil II, Jakarta. Opens from Sunday to Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM

  • Roti Bakar Eddy 

Located 11 Raden Patah, Jakarta. Opens from Sunday to Saturday from 6 PM to 2 AM.

Roti Bakar Eddy
  • Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih

Located at Jl. Kebon Sirih Dalam, Menteng, Jakarta. Opens from Monday to Saturday at 4 PM to 3 AM and Sunday at 4 PM to 12 AM.

Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih


Bandung is the capital city for West Java Province. Located in a plateau make this city has a nice tourism spot like Tangkuban Perahu, Lembang, and many more. Those tourism places supported by a lot of best culinary spots.

If you are Muslim, it is one of the best halal place to eat in Bandung. Bandung foods mostly dominated by spicy foods as an influence from West Java culture. There are a lot of traditional foods from Bandung, here are the lists.

  • Mie Kocok Bandung
  • Batagor Bandung
  • Surabi Bandung
  • Seblak
  • Nasi Tutug Oncom

Here lists of street food culinary spot in Bandung:

  • Seblak Jebred

Located in Jl. Buah Batu, Lengkong, Bandung.

Seblak Jebred
  • Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng

Located in Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan, Bandung. 

Mie Kocok Bandung
  • Surabi Cihapit

Located in Cihapit, Bandung, its price starts from two thousand rupiahs.



Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province, one of the northern cities in Central Java. Semarang is popular for its china town and also its culinary spot. Semarang has some traditional foods from a mixed culture of Chinese and Java.

In The Chinese New Year festival, you can go to Pecinan or Chinatown in Semarang and check the list of the best things to do in Semarang Chinatown. Here some traditional foods from Semarang.

  • Lumpia
  • Nasi Ayam Semarang
  • Tahu Gimbal
  • Bandeng Presto
  • Garang Asem

Here lists of street food culinary spot in Semarang:

  • Lumpia Gang Lombok

Located 11 Gang Lombok, Semarang, near Tay Kak Sie Temple

Lumpia Gang Lombok
  • Kampoeng Semawis

Located in Chinatown at 50 Gang Warung, Semarang. Only open from Friday to Sunday at 6 PM. You can find a lot of street food there like siomay, batagor, bakpia, and many more.

Kampoeng Semawis
  • Lekker Paimo

Located in Jl. Karanganyar, Semarang.

Lekker Paimo


Yogyakarta is a city known for its long-existing culture that still approved until now. Yogyakarta foods usually come with a sweet flavor, so for you who don’t like spicy foods, Yogyakarta is the best choice. Yogyakarta is also known for its cheap foods, its suitable for those Yogyakarta backpacker street. Here some must try local foods from Yogyakarta.

  • Gudeg
  • Bakpia
  • Sate Klatak
  • Geplak
  • Nasi Tiwul

Here lists of street food culinary spot in Yogyakarta:

  • Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan

Located at Jogokaryan, near Masjid Jogokaryan. Open only in Ramadhan from 4 PM until 7 PM. You can find traditional snacks to breakfasting meal.

Kampung Ramadhan Jogokaryan
  • Sate Klathak Pak Pong

Located at Jl. Imogiri Timur, Wonokromo, Bantul. Open from 8 AM to 11 PM.

Sate Klathak Pak Pong
  • Oseng-oseng Mercon Bu Narti

Located in Malioboro street, Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan, Yogyakarta. Open every day from 5 PM to 10 PM.

Oseng-oseng Mercon Bu Narti


Surabaya is one of the most crowded cities in Indonesia. As a capital city of East Java, this city also popular for delicious foods, as it is one of the best attraction in Surabaya.

If you are going to doSurabaya traditional foods have a unique flavor and a must-try for food travelers. Here some traditional foods from Surabaya you must try.

  • Rujak Cingur
  • Rawon
  • Sate Klopo
  • Tahu Tek
  • Lontong Balap

Here lists of street food culinary spot in Surabaya

  • Rujak Cingur Ahmad Jais

Located in Jl. Ahmad Jais, Surabaya. Open every day from 12 PM until 5 PM.

Rujak Cingur Ahmad Jais
  • Sate Klopo Ondomohen Bu Asih

Located in Jl. Walikota Mustajab, Surabaya. Open from 7 AM until 11 PM.

Sate Klopo Ondomahen Bu Asih
  • Rawon Pak Pangat

Located Darmo Trade Center, Jl. Ketintang Baru, Wonokromo, Surabaya. 

Rawon Pak Pangat

That’s it the top 5 Indonesian cities with best street food you must visit if you come to Indonesia, of course, each city has its own signature dish and style. Pick your own style in those cities!

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