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20 Crazy Things to Do in Indonesia #1 Adventurous Spots

by chandrifajriana

Indonesia is a beautiful country with the diversity of flora and fauna. It has a Nature of beauty with natural attractions such as mountains, caves, beaches with big waves, they can attract tourists to visit and enjoy the sensation of different tours that may spur the adrenaline cause of the extreme natural terrain.

By the way, is there any extreme tour in Indonesia? Of course! Let’s take a look to the extreme tourist attractions in Indonesia.

1. Cable Car in Timang Beach 

The location itself is in Yogyakarta, precisely at the Purwodadi Village, Tempus district, Gunung Kidul. Here is an area that many lobster fishermen could be find. Maybe there isn’t much people know that the beach has an extreme tour. Yes, the cable car! And this one is not an ordinary cable car, you know.

Don’t imagine a train with the technology of the tensile machine, it’s not. The cable car is still very traditional with 50 meters high and 100 meters long away. This train is actually a means of transportation that used by local fisherman in Timang Island to find some big coral across.

The train is only made of wood. So when you pass over the sea, you gonna get some splashing water to your body, the waves also sometimes wet your clothes. The most extreme is the train only loads one passenger per pass. Many tourists interested to try, although the beach is difficult to access.

It should be noted, that the destination itself is not an official tourist spot. So there is no insurance or warranty if something happens to us when trying out the extreme sensations of crossing by this traditional cable car.

2. Wild Surfing in Mentawai Islands

We can enjoy this exciting surfing when visiting the Mentawai islands. The area is about 150 kilometers in the Indian Ocean, Mentawai. It has several main islands consisting of North Pagai, South Pagai, Sikakap, and Sibora. We can find a beautiful beach of tourism object here.

Not only that, its high waves (1.5-4.5 meters) also included in one of the best waves in the archipelago. There are many characteristic waves in Mentawai that make domestic and international tourists interested to try out a sense of surfing in Mentawai.

With 72 spots of surfing locations and 49 spots of it are exclusive categories, Mentawai Surfing area can satisfy the surfers. So, for those of you who like surfing, please come to Mentawai Islands. What a crazy things to do in Indonesia!

3. Paragliding Sensation In Matantimali

There are many crazy things to do in Indonesia. You should visit the Matantimali Mountains at Sigi district, Central Sulawesi to feel paragliding sensation. Precisely 30 kilometers from the city of Palu. From Matantimali mountains we can see how beautiful is Palu city. This mountain is located 1000 meters above sea level.

Matantimali Mountains is the best paragliding place in Southeast Asia, even the best in the world.

The wind that blows into the slope of mountain is very helpful to us who want to do paragliding. Here we can feel the sensations of paragliding for along a year. Some sport events such as Paralayang Open Of Indonesia are also held in Matantimali Mountains.

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4. Extreme Rock Climbing in Harau Valley

The professional rock climbers must be familiar to hear the name of Harau Valley in West Sumatra.

Yes, right! It is touted as a heaven for Indonesian rock climbers. Location of this extreme destination is in the city of Payakumbuh, about 2 hours from Padang City.

Height of the valley up to 300 meters with several hills around, such as Singkarat hill, Tarangtang hill, Jambu hill, and Air Putih hill. The species that you can also find here in the Harau valley are long-tailed monkeys.

On the slopes of the cliff also found a natural pool that formed by several waterfalls that flow from the top of the cliff. The name of the waterfall are Sarasa Ayeloluyi, Sarasa Murai, Sarasa Bunta, and Sarasa Ayeange.

5. Rafting on the Alas river

The Next is Alas river that located 165 kilometers of Southeast Takengon area, in Leuser Mountain National Park. It’s rapid river with dense forests in Leuser Mountain National Park is challenged us to be able to conquer.

The river with challenging rapids and winding terrain gonna makes your adrenaline racing. You can see various animals when we rafting along the rapids, such as birds, deer, monkeys and elephants.

For beginners, the best route starts from Muarasitulan (Kutacane town) to the Gelombang City (near to the Indian Ocean). For professional, take a further route is more interesting. The route is from Angusan that adjacent to Blangkejeran.

6. Wild Safari in Komodo Island 

Komodo Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara. Here, we can enjoy the sensation of interacting with ancient animals that still exist and live up until now. You can meet a giant lizard that also known as Komodo.

Komodo has a body length of  2-3 meters and its weight up to 165 kg. This ancient animal is very sensitive to the smell of blood. When you make a visit on the island of Komodo, you must be watchful for ‘em and keep to be near around the guide. It is not a place that recommended for someone who has an open wound or a menstruation’s woman (as long as she’s on her period). Here we go:  Things to Do in Komodo National Park

7. Climb to the top of Month Rinjani

Rinjani Mountain is located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. It’s the most favorite extreme tourist destination in Lombok. Climbing the mountain can be done through four lanes;

First, the Senaru line (600 meters above sea level) is the most preferred line, cause it’s short and we passes through the lush tropical forest.

The second is Sembalun line (1150 meters above sea level) is more slight than Senaru and the terrain is heavy, through the savanna. When passing through this path we will be on Sembalun pelawangan and could set up a tent around there while enjoying the beauty of Segara Anak lake and Barujari mountain.

The third is Torean Line. There are porter services that facilitate us during the ascent through this line. And the last one is Timbanuh Line that has a water stock along the ascent to Rinjani.

More Wild Attractions in Indonesia

Wanna enjoy more extreme traveling? You gonna also like to visit and spend your nice holiday here, in this destinations:

  1. Jomblang Cave – Yogyakarta
  2. Blue Lagoon Cliff Jumping – Bali Island
  3. Anak Krakatau Mountain – Lampung
  4. Semeru Mountain – East Java
  5. Trunyan Grave – Bali
  6. Pindul Cave – Yogyakarta
  7. Lawang Sewu – Semarang
  8. Body Rafting Green Canyon – West Java
  9. Rock Climbing Citatah – West Java

Thus, there are many crazy things to do in Indonesia that will surely make you feel like you are the luckiest person in the planet. Well, enjoy Indonesia till your very last breath!

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