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15 Elegant Things to Do In Senaru Lombok

by Yoga Adi

Hello, people. Back here with us again to enjoy the journey to experiencing another great attractions in Indonesia. In this one, we’ll go to the little area in Lombok called Senaru. If you look at it from google earth, it looks like a club. Yep you heard me well, a club. The area covers Lombok in a long shape spreading from the south to the north. It also covers the Mount Rinjani area.

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If you a little curious about it, and looking for it in the google image, you can find only the forests and waterfalls. They look so gorgeous of course, especially the waterfalls are magical. But other than those, there are still many places to go to. Even we put the list not like the usual stuff we always did, you know the top 20, at least in this specific area you can having fun enjoying some tourism in different spots. Yep that’s it, the top things to do in Senaru Lombok. But don’t worry, these spots are the best ones. So don’t be sad, pack anything else you need, and lets go!

1. Sendang Gile Waterfall

The place you can go beside the Mount Rinjani is the Sendang Gile Waterfall which is located in the floor of it. Here lies Sendang Gile waterfall that looks very refreshing. It looks very photogenic. The view of forest and all the things that accompanying the waterfall is unbeatable. Even though its a little bit foggy in the morning, but its actually the perfect time to go here. By that, you can feel the fresher nature condition, complete with morning dew that covers it.

You need to be careful though, its a bit slippy in there. Even though its very tiring to reach it, but the result will drop your jaw to the floor. So satisfying and that’s the first of many things to do in Senaru Lombok, Indonesia.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : About Rp7.000,- admission ticket

2. Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Hmm looks familiar. Of course its familiar, Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep is actually combined into one waterfall. They start with their own streams then in the mid way they combine into one way stream. Even though the combination itself doesn’t have its own name.

But nevertheless, this waterfall or should I say these waterfall are very woth to visit, especially to ending the trekking activity in Mount Rinjani. Its a great spot to rest, to bath, and to relax. Love it.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : About Rp7.000,- admission ticket (same as above)

3. Mount Rinjani

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about visiting the icon of the area, the mountain itself. We already discussed it in some articles before. The point is, just looking at it, it’s a perfect place that is dependable to enjoy either you are the advanced trekker or just usual person who like the living nature.

It’s a place for everyone, even the ones that not having the basic of hiking. Here you can enjoy most all the things present. Try to reach the peak, and enjoy the nice view of the blue lake on top of it. Miraculous.

  • Opening Hours : Opens from morning till evening (no exact time)
  • Entry Ticket : Surprisingly there’s none

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4. Tiu Teja Waterfall

Another twins in Senaru. Just like the other waterfalls, this one also has two streams but not combined. They have their own way to go downstream. The place is very refreshing, thanks to the vegetation around it.

You can do almost everything in here, but please don’t make mess. Just look at it, don’t you want to keep it? The view is very rare in Indonesia, even the world. Looks fantastical with its own uniqueness. Such a reare gem is indeed a perfect holiday spot for you. Very beautiful.

  • Opening Hours : Always opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

5. Pusuk Sembalun

This place is located not too far away from the Mount Rinjani, in fact this pot located on its foot. Many photographers gone here, so don’t be so surprised when you looking at those guys bringing all their “weapons” in here. The view is indeed miraculous, especially when the sun rises.

You may bring one of your cameras in here, and try to capture it yourself. Having a selfie or two doesn’t hurt anyone. This place is also best for pre-wedding photos. Because like we said above, its miraculous.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

6. Orong Goar

Hmm, how about some family time. You and your children and partner can go to this area to spend your holidays. This place has nearly everything, fishing pools, trekking and jogging area included. Some little restaurants also available in here, so everything’s well preserved.

You might a bit confuse when searching for it in google image because its a bit hard to find its reference on the internet. So the best way it come by yourself and prove it with some actions. Happy relaxing !

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : Rp25.000,-

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7. Siswa Hill

Even though the meaning of “siswa” is student in Indonesia, that has nothing to do with this spot at all. Located in the Mount Rinjani conservation area, the hill can be enjoyed by all people. Mostly the teenagers, doing their hobby you know like camping or something.

The thing that make this hill great is the borderless spot. You can see almost everything, nothing will get in your way. Plus the grassland is very fitting for camping or other fun activities. But remember to not do any campfire or else the grassland will burn and its all your fault. But anyway, this spot is great and maybe the best spot to do camping in Rinjani

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

8. Tangkok Hill

Yet another places built for the couples. So for you who are single, please don’t be mad at all to the couples in there by throwing something at them, because the view here is indeed will make your heart more calm than ever.

There’s a love sign on the center of it, where the couple can sit there and watching the rice fields in there protected by the wall of the green bluish mountain. Its very Indonesian really, because of the view of the rice fields you know, the Indonesia view. Indeed, that’s many things to do in Senaru Lombok, Indonesia.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

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9. Pergasingan Peak

If in Siswa Hill you can see almost everything in there 360 degrees, this place is better. Hey, this is the peak so no one can beat it. At the top, the view is very amazing. Those squares tiles like rice fields look like piece of puzzles that no one can move them.

Green, pink, blue are the colours of the puzzles, complete with busy village in the center. You can go here in the morning after 7 am to avoid the fog there, but to be honest with you, the best time is in the evening when the sun shines reflect the colours to be more clear to see. Wonderful.

  • Opening Hours : Always Opens
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

10. Kakong Spring

Hmm, another place for the couples on things to do in Senaru Lombok, Indonesia. Hang in there singles. This jewel located in the center of plants, looks like an exclusive place for you and your honey. In the center there’s a little bridge, connecting the land to the well preserved table and chairs, for the couples. So if there a couple using the spot, you as well waited for them to finish their “date”.

But for the non couples aka the singles, you can do anything else in here while waiting your friends dating. You can enjoy the refreshing waterfalls in there, take a bit bath you know or wash your face to be more “affordable” for other. Maybe you can meet your love here, we don’t know. Love works itself out.

  • Opening Hours : Opens every time
  • Entry Ticket : None

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Another Places in Senaru Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Yeah, to cover this thing up, lets do another quick review about  things to do in Senaru Lombok

  1. Tiu Pupus, another waterfall located just the west side of Enaru
  2. Tiding Tiu Waterfall, the other friend of Tiu Pupus
  3. Tiu Teja, making them three musketeer waterfalls in west side Enaru
  4. Jeruk Manis Waterfall, Is the Sweet orange waterfall tastes good?
  5. Stawberry Garden of Telaga Hill, gotcha “catch” them all!

Okay guys, thus ending of our meeting now, to briefly explain you about the things to do in Senaru Lombok. So what do you think, where the place you heading first, is it the Siswa Hill or having some times with your partner in lonely place like Kakong Spring? Its all up to you. Hope you will get all the excitement, enjoy all the things to do in Senaru Lombok, Indonesia!

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