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15 Wild Cities for Nightlife in Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Indonesia is indeed a beautiful country. A country filled with so many diversities in cultures, arts, and many other things. All the cities in Indonesia also have their own unique special point than the others. And that’s why, so many foreign tourists doing some back packing trip, even to the unfamous cities in Indonesia. Many tourists really interested in some places like things to do in East Lombok.

Of course, in the day you can see the true life of the city, feeling the crowd and people activities that always going around right beside you, especially in the busiest part of a city like things to do in Kemang. But, in the night, there will be so much difference than you can find during the day. That’s why we are right in here to tell you about the cities that look more fantastic in the night time in Indonesia, the perfect ones to spend you nightlife. Those are the best city for nightlife in Indonesia:

1. Padang

The first city you should go to is the city of Padang. The cities that located in the west side of Indonesia are really beautiful to see, especially because they have so many choices of natural attractions to enjoy with your own family.

Not only that, the cities also look so much better during the night, like you can see in things to do in Padang for example. Beside having the great Padang restaurants, there are several spots here that worth to visit to spend your whole night time with some friends.

  • Location : Located in West Sumatra province
  • Best Spots: Toba Lake, Maninjau Lake

2. Jakarta

The next one, is the capital city of Indoneisa. Known as the main gear of Indonesian economy, Jakarta always been a very busy place. Especially when in the day, there are so many activities in this very city that can make us feel a little bit stressed out.

But during the night, the busy city of Jakarta turns into one of the most beautiful city in Indonesia. Even though you can’t see and visit some of the natural attractions there, yiur eyes will be spoiled by the looks of the monuments and also the buildings.

  • Location : Located in Jakarta Special Capital Region
  • Best Spots : National Monument, Welcome monument

3. Jayapura

The next one is the capital city of Papua island. This city alone has some of interesting attractions to visit, but of course they are really great to visit during day, not when the sun comes down because there are not so many road lamps around to help you driving.

Even though there’s not enough supporting facility like the lamps, but you can also enjoy the view of the city itself from the high hill right in the spot called Jayapura City Hill. On the top, you should see the panorama around refelcting how beautiful Jayapura city is.

  • Location : Located in Papua Province
  • Best Spots: Jayapura City Hill

4. Palembang

Well, this city has some interesting holiday package. At the first time in the morning you can start joggin around the hotel, while seeig the beach view. Then when the afternoon comes, you shoudl try the best local food called Pempek. There are so many kinds of Pempek there, you shoudl try them all.

The things even more wonderful during the night, because the sea looks more alive. The boats decorated with lamps, the bridges starts showing its lights. And you should go to one of the best spots in this city, Ampera bridge in there. While looking at the view around, either the view of the see, or the bridge, you can also do the other activities like eating some local foods, or maybe some fishing.

  • Location : Located in South Sumatra Province
  • Best Spots: Ampera Bridge, Locations around Musi River

5. Yogyakarta

Not much questioning, this city is of course will be mentioned as one of the best cities to spend your memorable nighlife. There are so many great spots in here, like the lamps park, and many other waiting in nightlife in Yogyakarta.

Also there are two esclusive spots for you, called the wetan and kulon plaza that only “alive” in night time. So many vehicles decorated with illuminating lamps, and that’s good. You can also take some rides with the “becak” that also fully decorated.

  • Location : Located in Yogyakarta Special Region
  • Best Spots: Malioboro Street, Zero Kilometer Point 

6. Bandung

Looking for the best city for nightlife in Indonesia? In the sixth place, we have the Bandung City. As the city of flower, the Bandung city always looks great either during the day, or the night. There are so many shopping places to in here, you can buy some clotehs before finally enjoy the nightlife in this beautiful city, explore some more in the list of shopping destinations in Bandung.

And then, when the night comes, you can go to the plaza of Bandung and enjoy all the things in there. You can also spot the Gedung Sate not far from there. Also, the view of the Pasopati bridge is also worth some pictures.

  • Location : Located in West Java Province
  • Best Spots: Pasopati Bridge, Bandung Plaza (Alun-alun Bandung)

Other Cities to Enjoy Nightlife in Indonesia

You can also visit the other best cities to spend your night life, like :

  1. Surabaya, the biggest city in East Java has some beautiful things to see during night
  2. Malang, second biggest city in East Java with its thousand specialities
  3. Bogor, City of rain, looks wonderful when the night comes
  4. Solo, the true spirit of Java. Those are the best city for nightlife in Indonesia.
  5. Cities for Nightlife in Indonesia
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  7. Things to Do in Rinca Island Indonesia

So those are the cities you can go to spend your nightlife in Indonesia. You should enjoy all the things that available exclusively during the night,like the night markets for example. Even from that one example, you can gain so much fun in the end of the day. Many other await. Prepare your stamina to explore all the beautiful things you can find in those cities in Indonesia. Have fun!

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