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12 Exciting Things To Do in Karanganyar Indonesia

by fitriibukhairah

Karanganyar, a district of central java is an area that has a lot of nature attractions. Not only that, it also has several historical places that can be visited by the tourists.

Things to Do in Karanganyar, Central Java

For all the tourists, domestics and international tourist who want to visit several attraction places in Karanganyar of Central Java, here are the recommended best places which can be the main destination when come to vacation in Karanganyar.

1. Cetho Temple

Well, there are many cool things to do in Karanganyar. An interesting historical attraction is Cetho temple, an Hindu temple that is located in Jenawi sub-districts, exactly at Ceto hamlet, Gumeng village. This tempel was one of the heritage from Majapahit kingdom located on Kemuning tea garden and Lawu Mountain’s slope.

This temple is categorized as unique because it has the states that resemble to man and woman’s genitals known as kalacakra. But, apart from the uniqueness, the visitors also may see the petilasan or a place of Ki Ageng Krincingwesi who is known as the ancestor of Ceto hamlet. Cetho temple has eleven terraces which is each of them made as unique as possible.

  • Cetho temple is opened everyday, it starts at 09.00 o’clock am till 05.00 pm.
  • Domestic tourists is costed 2.500 thousand rupiah while International tourists need to pay 10 thousand rupiah.

2. Top of Lawu Mountain

If you have a chance to visit Karanganyar, then you must explore the top of Lawu mountain, especially for the nature lovers and the ones who love hiking. You can explore the hiking trails that is located in the border between Magetan District in East Java and Karanganyar in Central Java.

But, remember to prepare anything you need before climbing because it is kind of hard activity that cannot be underestimated.

The climbing is usually started from the post of Cemoro Sewu and will arrive in Cemoro Kandang. In order to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, the climbing may be started in the night, so you will arrive at the top of the mountain when morning comes. Every tourists who want to climb must pay Rp. 5.000 per individual for registration.

3. Sapta Tirta Pablengan Bathing Place

Try to spend your time visiting this bathing place for getting the relax time in Karanganyar. Sapta Tirta is located in Matesih sub-district, at Pablengan village. In this location, there are seven water springs which have different taste.

The unique is, even though all the spring waters have different taste, but they come from the one area. Here are the name of seven water springs:

  • Bleng water spring is the first and it is utilized as the ingredient of making karak or crackers.
  • The second is Kasekten water spring, the citizen around believed that it can be used to sanctify the body and increase the strength.
  • The third, Dead water spring. It is an unique water spring because the water keeps stable. But, this water spring cannot be drunk or used to wash a face and take a bath as the others.
  • The fourth, Urus-urus water spring. It is believed has a good benefit for solving digestive problem. By drinking the water, then the defecation will become smooth; so, if you have constipation you may try to drink the water.
  • Warm spring water is the fifth and the water is useful for cleansing the body, also healing some diseases such as rheumatism and skin diseases.
  • Life spring water, it can be used washing face and it is believed that the water can beautify our face and keep us stay young.
  • The last is Soda spring water, as its name, the taste of the water is like as soda and it can be used to treat some severe diseases such as diabetes, liver, TBC, and kidney.

Sapta tirta bathing place is open at 8 am till 5 pm everyday and the visitor should pay Rp. 3.000 to get entering and enjoying all the facilities inside. 

4. Sukuh Temple

Well, there magical many cool things to do in Karanganyar. This temple is not far from cetho temple. It is located in Ngargoyoso, at Berjo village. Some literaturists symbolized this place as fertility. So, do not wonder if there are so many erotic state in this temple.

Another uniqueness of this temple is shape of the building seems different with the other temples in Indonesia.

Then, according to the history, Sukuh temple was discovered by resident Surakarta in 1815 and then it was restored by archaeological service in 1928.

5. Grojongan Sewu

Grojongan sewu is a nature attraction that you must visit during vacation in Karanganyar, Tawangmangu. In there, you will see the waterfall. This attraction object has 1.250 stairs that must be through by the visitors to arrive in the location.

The waterfall has 80 meter height and it is really a good spot that can be enjoyed by all tourists because the sound of waterfalls is really good to be heard. If you are interested, try to visit the area of Sewu Grojongan. As for, the cost to get enter is Rp. 110.000 in usual day and Rp. 160.000 in weekend or vacation.

But, you must be careful, because you will through the forest where the wild monkeys lived and they are used to grab the visitors bag. 

6. Lawu Resort and Sekipan Camping

Well, there are exciting cool things to do in Karanganyar. If you love camping, the you may come to Lawu resort and sekipan camping. It is near enough from Grojongan Sewu. This location is used to utilized by the students for camping. But, it also open for all tourists that who want to enjoy camping.

The coolness of weather and also beautiful pines tree are waiting for enjoyed. So, if you want to visit this place, you just need to pay Rp. 7.500 per individual.

Then, if you are in hard to find the location, you only need to ask the people who lived around Lawu resor and Sekipan camping.


7. Kemuning Tea Garden

The next tour location is Kemuning tea garden. The green panorama of tea garden will freshen your eyes. Kemuning tea garden has 438 hectare so you are able to walk around while enjoying the panorama.

There are several hills that we are used to see in Teletubbies that can make your tour is more interesting. Not only that, in this place you are also given a chance to get an experience in picking tea.

In order to get in the tea garden, the visitors only need to pay Rp. 3.000 and then you can enjoy all the activity in there for all day.

Besides the garden tea, this location is also suitable for paragliding sport. So, if you love a challenge activity, you just need to visit Venues Paralayang hill which is located in Segoro hamlet, Kemuning mountain.

8. Agro-tourism Sandokoro

Near the Karanganyar city, the tourist can visit a sugar factory, named as Tasikmadu Sugar Factory which is held by PTPN IX, Central Java. It is known as a heritage of Dutch.

Sondokoro Agro-tourism is opened by PTPN IX in area of Tasikmadu Sugar Factory and you may visit this place during vacation.

In this place, there are so many facility of games that can be enjoyed, such as waterboom and flying fox.

Besides that, there is also an old and antic train which can be used to go around the area of agro-tourism.

Agro-tourism Sandokoro is opened in every Sunday, It starts at 8 am till 4 pm. The visitors should pay Rp. 5000 per individual to enter.

9. Parang Ijo Waterfall

Every tourist maybe not familiar with this place because it is still new and on development progress. But, you may visit this place which is located in Ngargoyoso, at Girimulyo village.

The waterfall has 20 meter height and it is worth to be one of favorite water attraction.

The visitors only need to pay Rp. 2.500 per individual to enjoy the scenery in Parang Ijo water fall.


10. Jumog Waterfall

Jumog waterfall is located in Tawangmangu, in Lawu mountain’s slope, at Berjo village. It is suitable for the visitors who want to take a refreshing.

But, in order to get in the location, the visitor must through 116 stairs. Jumog waterfall is opened everyday at 08.00 am till 05.00 pm and the visitors must pay Rp. 3.000 before entering the location.


11. Astana Giribangun

Well, there are exciting cool things to do in Karanganyar. Astana Girbangun is a place where the second president of Republic of Indonesia, Soeharto was buried. This is located in Matesih, at Girilayu village.

The visitors may come to this place in order to remember all the favor of Soeharto in the era of New Era of Indonesia politic.

  • Astana giribangun operates in Monday till Friday, at 8 am till 5 pm.
  • The visitors who come to this place are not required to pay cost.

12. “Tubing” Goasarai Ngargoyoso

In Indonesia, especially in Karanganyar, the tourists can perform an activity of tubing. Tubing is an activity of down to river by using tire. So, the tourists will use tire to go along the river.

If you are interested in this kind of activity, you may come to Ngargoyoso and prepare the cost as much Rp. 20.000 to get enter.


That’s all the whole of exciting tour places in Karanganyar that you can visit which include nature attractions until historical attraction.

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