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21 Things to Do in Eastern Indonesia (#1 Top Heavenly Spots)

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Eastern Indonesia, which consists of Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and Papua, has an unparalleled natural and cultural beauty. However, the potential of these resources has not been utilized optimally. Therefore the government promotes tourism as a way to advance the economy of Eastern Indonesia.

Infrastructure is being built intensively to facilitate tourists in visiting Eastern Indonesia. Don’t you know that there are various things to do to enjoy the charm of Eastern Indonesia? Let’s find out the top things to do in Eastern Indonesia.

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Makassar, South Sulawesi

Makassar, which is the capital of South Sulawesi Province, is often considered the capital of Eastern Indonesia. Makassar is easily accessible via Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport and Soekarno Hatta Seaport. Want to know cool attractions in Makassar, South Sulawesi? So, here are Things to Do in Makassar

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1. Bantimurung Nature Park
Bantimurung Park has a stunning nature. Here you can see the beautiful White Sand Lake, slide in the waterfall, play in the pool or explore the unspoiled cave. Bantimurung Park is also the habitat of more than 250 species of butterflies.

Because of the variety of butterflies that live here, Bantimurung Nature Park has been given the nickname “The Kingdom of Butterflies.” You can see a collection of butterflies in the butterfly museum as well. Bantimurung Nature Park is located in Maros Regency. It’s about one hour drive from downtown Makassar. The admission price is Rp 25.000. Opening hours is 8 am – 5 pm.

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2. Toraja
Toraja has a beautiful nature with a cool atmosphere. Rows of green mountains and rice terrace will never bore you. One of the must-visit spots is Lolai, the place dubbed “The Land on the Clouds”, the best place to enjoy sunrise. Toraja also has a well-preserved culture because the people still hold firmly to tradition. Rambu Solo, which is a feast of death, is very interesting to be seen.

If the deceased was a nobleman, his family will slaughter dozens of buffalo and pigs to entertain guests. You should also visit Kete Kesu Village where you can see a row of Tongkonan, the traditional home of the Toraja tribe, is used as temporary storage of the corpse before it was buried. Toraja is located in Toraja Regency. It’s about 10 hour drive from Makassar. The price of a bus ticket to Toraja is around Rp 200,000. Toraja is a well-managed tourist area. Therefore you can easily find inns and restaurants with good quality.

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Denpasar, Bali

Denpasar is the capital of Bali province which is a favorite tourist destination in Eastern Indonesia. You can travel easily to Bali by plane. Ngurah Rai International Airport serves flights from all over the world. Let’s see what’s Things to Do in Denpasar

3. Sanur Beach
Sanur Beach is located east of Denpasar, about 20 minutes from the city center. Sanur Beach is one of the best spot to enjoy the sunrise in Bali. The right time for sunrise hunting is between 5 am and 6 am. The beach has sand that is brownish yellow with relatively calm waves. Kids will love to play sand here Things to do in Sanur Bali

You can also rent a tube, kayak, paddle board or jet ski to enjoy the atmosphere on Sanur Beach. Around the beach there are restaurants and cafes where you can hang out while looking at the beauty of the beach. Sanur Beach is free entry. You only need to pay parking fee.

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4. Ubud Monkey Forest
As you step into the Ubud Monkey Forest, you can feel a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Towering tall trees give you shade from the sun. Hundreds of Balinese long tailed monkeys live freely in this forest. There are stalls selling bananas and peanuts that you can buy to feed the monkeys and enjoy the Things to Do in Ubud Monkey Forest

Here you can also see the beauty of Pura Puseh, Pura Dalem and Pura Pemandian. Ubud Monkey Forest is located in Padang Tegal Village, Ubud. It’s about one hour drive from Denpasar. The admission price is Rp 50,000 for adults and Rp 40,000 for children.

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5. Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot is a must visit place in Bali. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach filled with black rocks, stare the blue sea with the waves from the Indian Ocean and feel the fresh sea breeze. The beach is also one of the best spots to enjoy the sunset in Bali. But the icon of Tanah Lot is a temple that is on the rock that jutted to the beach.

When the sea water is in high tide, the temple which is a place of worship of the sea gods will be surrounded by water. It is beautiful and amazing. Tanah Lot is located in Beraban Village, Tabanan. It’s about one hour drive from Denpasar. You can enjoy the beauty of the beach filled with black rocks, stare the blue sea with the waves from the Indian Ocean and feel the fresh sea breeze. While for foreign tourists is Rp 60,000 for adults and Rp 30,000 for children. Indeed, these places is one of the things to do in Eastern Indonesia.

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Manado, North Sulawesi

Manado which is the capital of North Sulawesi Province has a typical underwater beauty of Eastern Indonesia. The government intensively promotes Manado as a marine tourism destination to boost the economy of the community. This is also part of Eastern Indonesia. The easiest way to come to Manado is via Sam Ratulangi Airport. Where should we go in Manado? Thus, here are Things to Do in North Sumatra

6. Bunaken Island
Bunaken Marine Park is the number one tourist spot in North Sulawesi. Bunaken Marine Park which is located in the Gulf of Manado has an area of about 890.65 km square. Its biodiversity is among the best in the world.

By snorkeling and diving you can see the beauty of fish and coral reefs. It is estimated there are about 150 species of fish that live here. Bunaken Marine Park has 20 dive spots with varying depths that line from southeast to northwest. If you do not want to get wet, the beauty of Bunaken can be enjoyed through a Sub Sea boat that has a glass base.

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7. Lembeh Strait
Lembeh Strait is also a marine tourism destination in North Sulawesi. Lembeh Strait is located between Bitung City, which is about 60 km from Manado, and Lembeh Island. Lembeh Strait has an amazing underwater panorama. Here you can see a variety of beautiful fish and healthy coral reefs.

If lucky, you can meet the mini octopus which is the mascot of this place. There are about 90 dive spots to choose from. You can also visit Lembeh Island to try a mangrove forest tour that is being developed by the city government. Let’s just get lost on things to do in Eastern Indonesia.

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Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

Lombok becomes an alternative destination for tourists who are bored with the hustle and bustle of Bali. You can come to Lombok via Lombok International Airport. Or if departing from Bali, you can take a ferry from the Padang Bai Port. After arriving in Lombok, make sure you visit these Lombok Attractions

8. Selong Belanak Beach
Selong Belanak Beach is situated in the bay surrounded by green hills. The beach has clean white sand, bluish green sea and medium waves. In addition to playing sand and water, you can also try surfing here, riding the friendly waves. Don’t worry, there is a surfboard rental at an affordable price. But the main activity here is to lie down on the fine sand while watching the sun set in the sea. Selong Belanak Beach is located in Central Lombok. It’s about half an hour drive from the airport. The admission price is Rp 10,000.

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9. Gili Trawangan
Gili Trawangan is a small island located northwest of Lombok. The beauty of its beach resembles the beauty of Bali’s beaches. You can walk down the clean beach, feel the fine white sand, sunbathe, enjoy the sea breeze, swim in the clear water and wait for the sunrise and sunset. Gili Trawangan also has dive spots that are a pity to miss Things to Do in Gili Islands

A variety of colorful fish and coral reefs are well preserved here. The interesting thing in Gili Trawangan is there are no cars and motorcycles on this island, only bicycles, horse-drawn carriages and electric vehicles. To get to Gili Trawangan, you depart from Bangsal Port, about 2 hours from the airport. Regular boat ticket is Rp 15,000, speed boat tiket is Rp 75,000. You can also depart from Nare Bay by hiring a speed boat that costs around Rp 400,000.

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Palu, Central Sulawesi

Palu is the capital of Central Sulawesi Province, an area that has not been so popular as a tourist destination. Nevertheless Palu has a typical nature of Eastern Indonesia. Palu is easy to reach via Mutiara Sis Al Jufri Airport. What are tourist attractions in Palu?

10. Talise Beach
Talise Beach is the number one tourist destination in Palu. The beach is located in the bay, surrounded by mountains and located near the center of the city. Talise Beach has a calm wave and is most fun to visit in the afternoon.

You can see the blue sea and feel the sea breeze while waiting for the sun to set at the end of the horizon. If you are hungry, there are stalls around the beach that sells typical snacks of Palu at cheap prices. Talise Beach is free entry.

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11. Tanjung Karang Beach
Tanjung Karang Beach has soft white sand, blue sea and calm waves. Along the beach you can see clusters of rocks that beautify the landscape here. Not far from the beach there is a sinkhole that contains salty water.

Tanjung Karang Beach also has a stunning underwater beauty. If you can not dive, you can rent a glass-based boat. Tanjung Karang Beach is located in Donggala Regency. It’s about 1 hour drive from Palu. The admission price is Rp 2,500. As Eastern Indonesia region is such a heaven, let’s check more things to do in Eastern Indonesia.

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Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

East Nusa Tenggara Province which consists of many islands, is a rising tourist area. One of them is Flores Island. The easiest and quickest way to Flores Island is via Labuan Bajo Airport. What are tourist attractions in Flores? Things to Do in Flores

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12. Komodo National Park 
Komodo is an ancient animal that can only be found in Eastern Indonesia, in Komodo National Park. Komodo, which is the largest lizard in the world, is capable of running up to 18 km/h and can smell as far as 11 km. Things to Do in Komodo National Park Indonesia

In addition to seeing Komodo, you can enjoy the natural beauty that is different from the landscape of Indonesia in general. You will be amazed by the savanna that looks contrast to the blue sea around. It’s really a breathtaking view.

To get to Komodo National Park, you must depart from Labuan Bajo Port by renting a boat. It would be better if you share the cost with friends. The admission price for domestic tourists is Rp 22,500 while for foreign tourists is Rp 150.000, plus Rp 80.000 for the cost of ranger who will be our guide.

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13. Wae Rebo Village
Wae Rebo Village was set by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 2012. The village which is situated in the mountains has an amazing culture and natural beauty. Every guest who comes to this village will be greeted with a traditional ceremony. Certainly it will be an unforgettable experience. In addition to exploring the nature, you can also feel the typical coffee of Wae Rebo. For souvenirs, you can buy woven fabric made by people of Wae Rebo. Wae Rebo Village is located in West Manggarai Regency. The entrance fee to Wae Rebo Village is Rp 100,000, if you want to stay in the village the fee is Rp 325,000.

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Ambon, Maluku

Ambon which is located in the Maluku Islands has a perfect picture of the beauty of Eastern Indonesia. It is very easy to get to Ambon. You take a plane that goes to Pattimura Airport or board the Pelni ship to Yos Soedarso Port. What is the favorite tourist destination and Things to Do in Ambon

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14. Natsepa Beach
Natsepa Beach is a must visit place in Ambon. The beach has a stretch of white sand, friendly waves, amazing blue sea and fresh sea breeze. Sunrise and sunset can be seen clearly on Natsepa Beach. While enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can eat snacks sold around the beach.

At nightfall, you can lie on the soft sand watching the stars in the sky accompanied by the sound of the waves. Natsepa is only one hour drive from downtown Ambon. The admission price is Rp 3,000.

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15. Sulamadaha Beach
Sulamadaha Beach has a U shape, surrounded by high cliffs. You can play in its black sand, swim in the clear water, ride the boat in the calm waves or enjoy the beauty of the underwater with diving or snorkeling. Don’t worry if you can’t swim, there is a cheap tube rental. If you are hungry, there are stalls around the beach.

Entrance fee is only Rp 10,000. Sulamadaha Beach is located in Ternate, North Maluku. From Ambon you can take a boat or plane to get there. What the best things to do in Eastern Indonesia!

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Kendari, South East Sulawesi

Kendari becomes the starting point for tourists who want to explore the natural beauty of South East Sulawesi. Kendari Airport and Kendari Port are the main entrances. You should take time to visit the places below if you arrive to enjoy Things to Do in Kendari

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16. Wakatobi Island Indonesia
Wakatobi Marine Park is one of the coolest marine parks in the world. Wakatobi Marine Park, which is between the Banda Sea and Flores, has abundant biodiversity. It’s because Wakatobi is situated in the world’s coral triangle.

Here can be found more than 750 species of coral and more than 900 species of fish. Not only that, Wakatobi is bypassed by the migration path of the rare whale shark. If lucky, you can see this whale shark passing by.

Wakatobi Marine Park is located in Wakatobi Regency. It’s easy to get there. From Kendari Port you take a boat to Wanci, the capital of Wakatobi Regency. The travel time is about 10 hours. The ticket boat is around Rp 130.000. If you want faster you can take a plane from Kendari Airport to Wakatobi Airport. The travel time is only about 45 minutes. The ticket plane is around Rp 500,000.

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17. Bokori Island
Bokori Island is the latest icon of tourism in South East Sulawesi. The island that used to be the settlement of the Bajo Tribe is now converted into a tourist area. The beauty of Bokori Island is amazing. The beach has white sand, the water is clear, the coconut trees line up on the beach and the sea is turquoise. There are also cottages equipped with electricity and water if you want to stay overnight. It’s not too difficult to get to Bokori Island. From Kendari you need to drive to Bajo Indah Village. It’s only 30 minutes away. Then you rent a boat. The crossing to the island is about 15 minutes.Boat rental fee is around Rp 200,000 for return.

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Jayapura, Papua

Jayapura is the capital of Papua Province which is the easternmost part of Indonesia. Currently the government is intensively building infrastructure in Papua to encourage economic progress. Tourism potential is also developed by the government to improve the welfare of Papuans. Papua can be accessed via Sentani airport. What is interesting in Jayapura, Papua? Here are thr Things to Do in West Papua Indonesia

18. Base-G Beach
Base-G Beach is a favorite tourist attraction of Jayapura residents. The beach facing directly to the Pacific Ocean has soft brown sand and is surrounded by lush trees. The main activity at Base-G Beach is enjoying the sea breeze while having a picnic. The beach was once used as a landing point by the Allied forces during World War II.

The beach was transformed into a base to attack the Japanese troops in the Philippines. Therefore the Allied forces named this beach Base Guinea, abbreviated as Base-G. The beach is only 10 minutes away from downtown Jayapura. The admission price is Rp 5,000. But the parking fee for cars is Rp 50,000 and for motorbikes is Rp 20,000.

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19. Mummy of Jiwika
Egypt is not the only one who has mummies, there are also mummies in Papua. You can visit Jiwika Village, Kurulu, Wamena Regency. Here there is a mummy whose name is Wim Motok Mabel. The mummy, which is supposedly more than 300 years old, was once a famous warlord.

After he died, his body was preserved with pig fat and then smoked for 200 days. To see and photograph the mummy you will be charged Rp 80,000. To get to Wamena, from Jayapura you have to board the plane because the road is still under construction by the government.

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Sorong, West Papua

Sorong is the gateway of West Papua tourism. This young province relies on the tourism sector to boost its economy. You can come to Sorong via Domine Eduard Osok Airport. Things to do in Sorong When you arrive in Sorong, do not miss the opportunity to visit the places below.

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20. Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia
Raja Ampat Islands is West Papua’s flagship tourism, the future of Eastern Indonesia’s tourism. This place is a dream destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Raja Ampat Islands has an area of about 46.000 sq km, about 1/3 of the Java Island. Here you can see rocky islands, white sand beaches, and the stunning underwater beauty. A day is not enough to explore Raja Ampat Islands.

You can spend the night in a resort or homestay managed by local people. Raja Ampat Islands from Sorong is only 2 hours away by speed boat. To be honest, tours to Raja Ampat cost money. To enter Raja Ampat area, local tourists are charged Rp 500,000 and foreign tourists Rp 1,000,000. Not to mention the cost for accommodation and transport. Therefore, it will be more efficient and cheaper if you take the tour package. Tour package prices range from Rp 3 million to 5 million per person.

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21. Cenderawasih Bay National Park
Cenderawasih Bay National Park is the largest marine park in Indonesia and certainly has a high biodiversity. Fans of diving and snorkeling must stop by this place. Here you can find 36 species of birds, 196 species of mollusks and 209 species of fish. If lucky you can see sea turtles and whale sharks that are migrating.

Cenderawasih Park Bay National Park is located in Teluk Wondama Regency. To get there, from Sorong you can take a road trip or board a plane to Manokwari. From Manokwari you take the boat to Teluk Wondama Regency.

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Ok guys, now you know the top things to do in Eastern Indonesia. No doubt Eastern Indonesia has the best Places To Visit in Indonesia with its beautiful nature. Let’s visit Eastern Indonesia..!

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